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4-Way Soil Analyzer


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Quick Overview:

This 4-way soil analyzer provides an accurate analysis of soil pH, moisture content,fertilizer content, and sunlight.
Ages 10+

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4-Way Soil Analyzer


This 4-way soil analyzer provides an accurate analysis of soil pH, moisture content, fertilizer content, and sunlight. It's a digital meter ideal for experiments or science fair projects with plants, or for the avid gardener. It includes instructions and guides for all four measuring levels. No batteries required.

Science Fair Project Ideas:

  • Test natural fertilizers (compost or other organic materials) and chemical fertilizers to see the effect of each on plant growth and moisture in the soil.
  • Learn about soil pollutants by testing the pH of different types of soil (containing sand, clay, peat moss, compost, or fertilizer) before and after adding a chemical pesticide.

Customer Reviews

Works Review by
We bought this for plant science studies for the kids, but now I use it on all my houseplants. At first I thought the fertilizer content one wasn't working because the needle just stayed at the bottom and didn't budge. You mean plants actually need fertilizer every once in awhile??? Obviously, I was not a green thumb. The plants are doing much better now. I guess I learned a lesson in science too. :)
Great Product Review by
This product is great! The soil was measure accurately in every way and it was very easy to use. With four different functions, you can measure your soil in every way.
Soil test OK Review by
I have only used for testing PH of my soil. No problems at all with this tester and it was a great buy, much cheaper than the same tester at other sites.
Soil Analyzer Review by
Was VERY pleased with this. It took the guesswork out of my houseplants and soon my garden. Very easy to understand and priced less than my local garden shop! Great buy!
4-way soil analyzer Review by
This product met all my expectations. The directions could have been more comprehensive, but the results were great! Thanks.
4-Way Soil Analyzer Review by
I've used it several times since purchase a couple weeks ago, and it was great! Easy to use, and the directions were excellent...which is the key. Should keep it in a protective case & clean well immediately after use with water. Four functions in one is superb...& my local garden shop has it priced at $50...same product! Delivery was prompt & secure!
great item for cheap! Review by
it gave me a lot of basic visual tips and eliminated guess work of watering! great for beginners
4-Way Soil Analyzer Review by
A great tool for all gardeners, especially container gardeners. With the north Georgia 'exceptional' drought this tool has allowed me save water and correct soil conditions with ease. I had the best vegetables in the area and did not use any spigot water. I was able to grow with air conditioner condensate and bath water. With the internet it is easy to tweek the general plant guidelines in the paperwork. My only complaint is my original analyzer case broke when it fell from waist high. I was able to repair it but ordered a back-up.
Soil Analyzer Review by
I found this site while searching online for soil analyzer. This product is same as others sold for $35 from seed catalogs. It works great and I was surprized by the very fast shipping.Thanks HST for fine product,value price, fast shipping and great customer service.

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