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By: shloka sandeep rao
Date: Sep 04, 2015

plz answer me
which property of magnet is used in case magnetic train?

By: Ryan
Date: Sep 02, 2015

I dont need this informaition. I need to know “Why does big magnets get pulled in when its close to the emicentre of a small magnet

By: Miss
Date: Aug 30, 2015

if there are 2 ring magnets in the middle of plastic rod. and the rings are getting apart, why does this happen?

By: soumil
Date: Aug 06, 2015

how to prevent iron filings from getting stuck directly to the bar magnets

[HST adds:  Putting the iron filings in a container, like a petri dish, will keep the filings from making a mess and from staying stuck on your magnet.  You could also put the magnet in a plastic baggie or wrap it in paper for easier cleanup.  Hope this helps!]

By: Puran Gautam
Date: Jun 20, 2015

How we can find direction if we are at in the region of NO MAN’s LAND(unknown place) without compass?

By: Rebecca
Date: Mar 27, 2015

@Home science tools helped me with my learning so much .It gI’ves me so many facts.

Date: Mar 07, 2015


By: jude john
Date: Feb 26, 2015

My question is if I have a weak magnet and a strong magnet and these magnets are attracted to a roof. Which magnet would first fall from the metallic roof is it the weak magnet or the strong magnet. Please provide me with some explanation.

By: Reynaldo L. Bulaclac
Date: Feb 23, 2015

I have a question about the movement of circular magnet, let say the one is small circular magnet and the other is much bigger circular magnet” If you place the small circular magnet inside the much bigger circular magnet with the same pole, what would be the direction movement of small circular magnet….could it be move
in circular way or just stay steady, no action?

By: aditya singh
Date: Feb 06, 2015

I found this article extremely informative. But i have a question, assume that if a pin is sticking to the south pole of the magnet through one end, then what will be the pole of the other end of the pin which is not sticking to the magnet ?