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By: anne
Date: Apr 20, 2015

when was this published, and who is the author? (so i can site this website)

Note from HST: If you wish to quote a Home Science Tools article for a school assignment or some other purpose, you are welcome to do so! You will need to include a citation in your bibliography. Here is the format of a typical online citation when the author is not named:

“Article name.” Site name. Date Accessed <web address>.

An example:

“What is the Scientific Method?” Home Science Tools. Accessed 21 September 2012   <http://www.hometrainingtools.com/scientific-method-teaching-tip/a/1173>.

By: aaminah
Date: Apr 13, 2015

Hello. I thought that this web page contained relative and helpful information, however i am currently doing my GCSE science biology coursework which is worth 25 percent of my end result. I need a secondary source of information that can be used to either support my own findings in an experiment similar to this or prove that i was wrong. Therefore it would be highly helpful for myself and other students that live in the UK and have to do the same coursework as myself, if this website provided accurate results to the experiment that it has described.

yours sincerely,


student in UK

By: Bobby
Date: Oct 28, 2014

This is helpful for my science project in work