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Alcohol Lamp Burner, Wickless


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Quick Overview:
This all-metal alcohol lamp has a single wickless burner tip.
Ages 13+

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WARNING: Never use a burner or open flame when working with flammable chemicals. Fire and injury can result.

Alcohol Lamp Burner, Wickless


This all-metal alcohol lamp has a single wickless burner tip. The chrome-plated steel lamp will not break and is spill-resistant. 90 ml tank.

This alcohol lamp burns ethyl alcohol, which is readily available and inexpensive at hardware stores-look in the paint section for denatured alcohol, ethanol or ethyl hydrate. (For best results, we recommend you use fuel with an alcohol content of 90% or higher.)

Customer Reviews
Perfect for the beginner's safety first Review by
Perfectly suited for beginners and hobbyist cheaper than electric or butane.
Fine for a while Review by
This burner worked great, for a while atleast. After about 4-5 uses, the flame just will not stay lit once the fuel has reached about 3/4 capacity. The flame also cants considerably to the side. I'd say stick with a traditional burner if you are going the alcohol route.
Works great... if you can get it to light properly Review by
This burner was really stubborn about being lit. The burner took forever to light, and once it did, alcohol would leak out the top and the whole top of the lamp would burst into flames. Because of this, I'm sticking to my traditional burner for now.

HST ADDS: If the unit does not work properly, please contact Home Science Tools at 1-800-860-6272 for a replacement.
Bigger than you think! Review by
I wasn't sure what to expect from these "wickless" lamps, but I wanted to try one so I got this single coil over the pricier double coil models. For the price this is an excellent alcohol lamp, it's fairly large compared to the pictures, and burns nice and even. The only part that takes getting used to is lighting the thing, it seems you must tip it at least horizontally to get enough fuel up into the coil for it to light, that's the extent of the learning curve on this one tho. Highly recommended!
Very efficient Review by
This lab burner is very efficient, tip resistant, and allows for even heat distribution. The heat shield also comes in handy. Fuel is readily available at hardware stores and inexpensive to purchase. Very good product
Lamp Review by
Very stable flame with even heat. Message for canadian buyers: I live in NS and customs charged me 25$ because when the saw ce-lamp they thought it was an electrical desk lamp and they catogarize that as a taxable and import tarriff item.
good product Review by
This alcohol burner is as advertised, but can be fincky about being lit. Once lit, it works great. I'm not sure I like it any better than my traditional alcohol burners with wicks.
Great value Review by
Great little addition to the home lab, heavier and more stable than I expected. Capacity is greater than the usual alcohol lamps found in sets. No wick to replace is good, but the best thing to me is that it burns with a consistant heat and flame height until the very end of the fuel load.
Good substitute for the Bunsen Review by
I bought a double wickless burner. Very efficient and clean.I am planning on buying a few more once I can get some funds or maybe next year for student use.
Alcohol Lamp Review by
This device worked well on first use. The shipping was fast although the box suffered a little from the grinding process used by the post office. The contents of the box were unharmed so this device arrived quickly and worked well. We use it for melting soft glass rods and it works well for this. It is much cleaner to use than a candle with no soot.
Good customer service Review by
I got 4 of these burners for a co-op chemistry class. 3 of them burned OK, producing reasonable heat (never as hot as a bunson burner, but able to boil a small flask of alcohol/water in about 5 min.) One was whimpy, never getting as hot as the others, though it looked the same. HomeScienceTools was quick to send a replacement when I emailed them. Oh - we live at high altitude, so the lack of O2 here probably makes these burners signifigantly less effective than they would be at sea level.
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