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Allium (onion) root tip slide, l.s.


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Quick Overview:
This is a monocot root tip with all stages of mitosis visible.

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Allium (onion) root tip slide, l.s.


This is a monocot root tip with all stages of mitosis visible. Telephase will appear as two nuclei that have separated and have little or no cell wall between.

Customer Reviews
Allium root tip Review by
This was a great slide. We were able to see the root tip clearly.
Perfect! Review by
I was delighted with these slides. I majored in zoology and the only place I saw mitosis was in a textbook so I was delighted to see the real thing. Under 1000X with an oil immersion lens this was spectacular! Funny note: one pair of students found some chromosomes that were arranged in a way that looked just like a guy with a wrestling mask and two other students tried to tell me that all they saw were random letters--those weren't letters they were chromosomes ;-)
Very Satisfied Review by
I ordered these slides a week in advance to show my 7th grade students what mitosis looks like under the microscope. It arrived within 5 days using usps. I tried to prepare the onion root tip slides myself but the results were not good. I have recommended this website to multiple science teachers. Great,quick service.
Excellent Review by
I ordered some of these slides as replacement slides for missing ones in my class set. The slides are very high quality, came quickly, and were an excellent price. I highly recommend this product to teachers and home schoolers alike.
Great even with 250x Review by
This is a great slide to see the stages of mitosis. We saw two different stages on the one slide. This is great because you don't have to have a very powerful microscope. A 250x works great. This is a really neat example of the stages you learn in your textbook.
Onion Root Tip Perfect for Mitosis Study Review by
I ordered this for my 7th grade co-op class to witness mitosis. The slide itself had many cells going through the different stages of mitosis. It was perfect to have for them to look for the different phases. It is much easier to understand when they can 'see' mitosis instead of just following the pictures from the book.
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