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Animal Cell Model


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Quick Overview:
Visualize a cell's parts with this sturdy soft foam model.
Ages 7+

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Animal Cell Model


Visualize a cell's parts with this sturdy soft foam model. One half has labeled parts: mitochondria, smooth and rough ER, lysosomes, Golgi apparatus, vacuoles, centrioles, ribosomes, cytoplasm, cell membrane, and nucleus with nucleolus and chromatin. The other half has the same parts, only unlabeled for testing. Includes booklet with facts about cells, a diagram to label, information on mitosis, and activity ideas. 5" diameter.

Customer Reviews
Animal Cell Model Review by
I have to agree that this model is good for hands on explorers. It is a concrete to semiconcrete model to help learn the animal cell. I also like how one side labels and the other side does not. It is a great use for assessment.
Good for hands-on learners Review by
This model helps those hands-on learners to grasp what makes up a cell. I liked that one side is labeled and the other side is not. This gives you more flexibility in quizzing your students. The fact that the model is made of strong foam is plus for me--it means that the model won't break when it gets dropped on the floor!
Animal Cell Model Review by
In spite of its simplicity, my six graders (especially the boys) were very anxious to examine the model. It satisfied that tactile and kinestetic need. It is made of soft foam and has no movable or removable parts, but helped reinforce the difference in shape and organelles when used with the Plant Cell Model, which I also purchased.
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