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Animal set w/Pig, 9 specimens

Item# PM-SPEC-3

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Quick Overview:
This set of nine medium-sized preserved animal specimens includes a fetal pig (7-9"+), grass frog (3"+), earthworm (6-8"), Lubber grasshopper, crayfish (3-4"), clam (3-4"), perch (5-7"), starfish (3-5"), and Grantia (sponge).
Ages 12+

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More Information

Animal set w/Pig, 9 specimens

Item# PM-SPEC-3

This set of nine medium-sized preserved animal specimens includes a fetal pig (7-9"+), grass frog (3"+), earthworm (6-8"), Lubber grasshopper, crayfish (3-4"), clam (3-4"), perch (5-7"), starfish (3-5"), and Grantia (sponge). None of these specimens are injected with colored latex. Good for high school dissection labs. Packaged together in one bag.

Specimen quality in this set is usually higher than the average quality of our 7-piece set. The sizes we receive from our supplier are frequently a bit larger than the sizes indicated, although we cannot guarantee the larger size.

Note: Specimens are initially preserved with a formaldehyde solution, the best animal tissue fixative. The formaldehyde is then displaced first with water and finally with a glycol solution to produce a moist, low-fume specimen which will not decay over time. Plan to use specimens within one year of purchase to ensure the best tissue quality. Specimen discoloration and dryness over time is normal and does not indicate decay.

Store your specimens at normal room temperature—refrigeration is not required. Storage in attics or garages at high temperatures will damage the specimens. Once opened, specimens can be resealed in a zip-lock bag to prevent them from drying out for later use.

Customer Reviews
Great Specimens & Great Customer Service Review by
It has been a joy to dissect through this specimen kit along with the book "How to Dissect" and a few youtube videos. We also have the deluxe dissecting tools. Customer service with this company is great. I messed up my address when I ordered and hometrainingtools contacted me to correct it. I enjoyed working with customer service and felt valued. Thanks! We can't wait to order some more advanced specimens.
Great Specimens! Review by
The specimens were in great condition and easy to dissect! I would highly recommend these and the price is great too.
All in One Package Review by
I wish these came as a set but each in their own bag. Other than that, I was glad to find a set of specimens that covered 3 different sciences and met all my needs for a great price! Thanks again for great products!
Animals kinda dry... Review by
The specimens in this kit were pretty good but kinda dry... But overall fast shipping and good deal!
Everything we needed Review by
It was so nice getting everything in one package and at such a great deal!! All if our homeschool labs for the rest of the school year are covered. Thanks for an excellent product.
Love It! Review by
I ordered this set to do Biology with my High School son. It was great. My younger children enjoyed watching. Our set came with 2 grasshoppers & 2 frogs, which my 8th grade son loves, because that means when we do those animals he will get to participate & not just watch. I will definitely order again as my other kids reach Biology.
Perfect! Review by
I ordered this for my boys who I homeschool. This was exactly what I was hoping for. I was concerned with the smell in the bag, but it wasn't bad at all (my kids did not even notice). We've dissected 2 of the 9 items so far and it's been a lot of fun! I would totally recommend and reorder these if needed.
Specimen Kits Review by
It was wonderful being able to buy all the specimens in the kit BUT when the kit was received and the specimen was dissected I found the specimens to be dried out and small. It was hard to see all the organs or parts due to size.
Very Pleased Review by
I ordered this kit to do with a few homeschool high school Biology students. I was very pleased with the condition and size of the specimens as well as the price. I was pleasantly surprised that the odor was minimal. I would definitely recommend this kit.
great!!!!! Review by
This was the first thing I had ever dissected. It was fun and easy. If you like the kit get tools they are a big help. I had to use kitchen scissors and sewing pins. But it was still a blast!!!
Specimens for Dissection Review by
I have ordered these kits for the past 3 years and have found them to be of excellent quality! All of the specimens are in great condition and if something does get broken, Home Science Tools has replaced them without a problem. They have been a wonderful resource for me to teach my sons all of their High School sciences for the past several years.
great for homeschool Review by
I ordered two of these for my homeschool children. the projects were great and filled our summer with learning. great value for the money, some of the specimens are a bit small and you need to move them to a resealable bag since you wouldn't want to use them all in one day, but this is still a great buy!
Exceptional product Review by
We ordered 6 of these to use in our Homeschool Co-op. The specimens are a good size and well preserved (I still have specimens that are 2 years old from a previous order). They came well-packaged. I recommend the dissection pamphlets, as well. They contain clear, easy-to-follow instructions.
Great value Review by
We used this kit with Ace Pace (School of Tomorrow)Biology. We had a great time dissecting. The animals were well-preserved and, for the most part, easy to use. The sponge was a bit disappointing--it's incredibly small. I would definitely order these again!
Great Specimens Review by
Used this kit in conjunction with Abeka Biology. All specimens were great and were helpful in learning. The fetal pig is a good size and easy to manipulate for disection. The problem we had was all of the specimens were in the same bag, so I would suggest opening the bag and purchasing the ziplock vacuum seal bags and place each specimen in individual bags to use when needed.
9 Specimen animal set Review by
We used these dissection specimens in conjunction with Abeka Biology. The students had a great time with each dissection. Good quality specimens.
Best for the Money Review by
Having ordered these kits for years, I have found them to be the largest, most well-preserved specimens for the money. Teaching a larger group of students this is the best value for my money.
Animal set w/Pig, 9 specimens Review by
It was so handy to order the whole pack of animals needed, and at a very affordable price! Thanks! Rebecca Bishop
good product, good price Review by
A good variety of specimens at a very reasonable price. All were in good condition.
animal set Review by
The kids in my co-op biology class are excited to get started! I like having everything in one kit. I am a little dissapointed with the size of the fetal pig.
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