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Apologia Biology Slide Set


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Quick Overview:
This set of 16 prepared slides is designed specifically for the Apologia Biology course.
Ages 12+

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Apologia Biology Slide Set


This set of 16 prepared slides is designed specifically for the Apologia Biology course. These are high quality, professionally made microscope slides. The set comes in a plastic storage box.

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Apologia Biology Slide Set

  • Ascaris mitosis, section
  • Allium (onion) root tip, l.s.
  • Amoeba proteus, w.m.
  • Diatoms (marine). w.m.
  • Euglena, w.m.
  • Ficus (dicot) leaf with vein, c.s.
  • Grantia (sponge) spicules, w.m.
  • Hydra (budding), w.m.
  • Paramecium, w.m.
  • Planaria (injected), w.m.
  • Ranunculus (dicot) stem, c.s.
  • Ranunculus (dicot) root, c.s.
  • Spirogyra, w.m.
  • Volvox, w.m.
  • Zea Mays (monocot) stem, c.s.
  • Zea Mays (monocot) root, c.s.
W.m. = whole mount C.s. = cross section Sec. = section
Customer Reviews
Apologia Slides Review by
These slides were exactly what we needed to complete Apologia's biology course. It was very convenient to have them all together in 1 kit, and cheaper than buying them individually. All specimens have been clear and easy to see.
Apologia Slide Kit Review by
It was very handy to be able to purchase all the slides in 1 kit, and the price at Home Science Tools was better better than anywhere else. We are very pleased.
Very pleased Review by
We placed an order for these slides and were thrilled to see that had shipped on the same day. We got them in time for the corresponding experiments in the Apologia biology textbook. We will be back towards the end of this school year to purchase items for dissection. Great product, excellent case.
Great Product with Great Service Review by
This slide set was just what we needed for our Apologia Biology course and it arrived in great condition, and is perfect. It's also much cheaper than the set offered on the Apologia site.
Great slide kit Review by
Great slide kit that really allowed my son to complete several labs. Excellent value for the money.
All but one...and what if you don't want to make slides? Review by
Great set, except it is missing the Hydra cross-section slide needed for experiment 6.1. Only the whole Hydra is in this set & it can not be used for experiment 6.1. Luckily, you can buy the cross-section separately, but I'd rather have it included in this set. It would also be nice to have an optional second Apologia set of all the slides that Apologia has you make by hand, just in case you would rather buy them. These would be cork, fungi (mushroom, bread mold, yeast), & flower (pollens, maybe ovary). Might also have (or put in a 3rd set) ones related to the dissections: fish scale slide, crustacean, frog slides, earthworm slide. [Home Science Tools adds: Our Apologia Biology slide set contains the same 16 slides that Apologia recommends and sells, although at a much lower price. We don't offer "optional" slides because dissecting and making your own slides is an important part of the biology lab learning experience. Shortcutting the Apologia labs can keep you from doing the work or gaining the learning experience equivalent to a high school biology lab.]
Great Value! Review by
This is a nice slide set in a sturdy protective case, and at a good price.
Slide Set Review by
Very high quality slides!
Wonderful slides Review by
We are really enjoying these slides. They are very helpful for identifying the different bacteria. We are using the slides for comparison and identification of bacteria from our pond samples. A great educational tool.
Leslie S. Review by
This was the best price we found for the slide set. It provided all my daughters needed to complete the microscope section for Biology.
Apologia Biology Slide Set Review by
This is a wonderful set! I appreciate having a ready-made set of slides for this particular course. It would be time- and cost-prohibitive to find each individual slide needed. Thanks!
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