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Feed natural curiosity with biology and life science.


From vast mountain forests to the tiniest cells in petri dishes, biology is the study of life. Many kids’ first introduction to the sciences is through biology, as they discover insects, plants, and animals. Biology extends to anatomy, botany, zoology, and microscopic life, as well as dissection, a window for students to see how individual organs work together as a living being. We’ve assembled the tools you’ll enjoy using to delve into the life sciences.

Agar, Petri Dishes, and Bacteria Use agar and petri dishes to grow your own bacteria cultures for a science fair project or lab experiment. Nutrient agar works well for general use. To make an agar plate, just heat the agar and pour... Shop Now >>
Dissection Need to do some dissections for a biology lab, or just for fun? Find a variety of preserved specimens, dissection guides with illustrations and step-by-step instructions, scalpels... Shop Now >>
Life Science Watch tadpoles develop into frogs, dissect an owl pellet to learn about barn owls, hatch quail eggs at home, and learn about the animal kingdom with books & hands-on kits for all ages... Shop Now >>
Biology Supplies and Kits Find the biology supplies you need for your next lab. High quality biological lab supplies for work or home... Shop Now >>
Human Anatomy and Physiology Want to gain a deeper understanding of how our complex and fascinating bodies work? Browse this selection of books, kits, and other supplies for human anatomy studies... Shop Now >>
Microscopic Life Explore the fascinating world of microscopic organisms! You can observe tiny live protozoa with our hatchery kit or survey cultures, grow live bacteria cultures, and learn how to make slides... Shop Now >>

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