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Dissection made easy and accessible with high-quality specimens and tools.


Today's dissection specimens have little or no odor, are easy to handle, and are valuable, affordable learning tools. Dissection allows kids to see anatomy first-hand. Choose to compare mammals that have similarities to our own human anatomy or contrast with other species that can display very different internal structures.

Whether you're dissecting for a biology lab or just for fun, find a variety of preserved specimens, dissection guides with illustrations and step-by-step instructions, scalpels, and other tools and supplies.

For related information, visit our dissection FAQs.

Dissection is top-rated by our customers; read product reviews to see what they say! Popular choices include the Advanced Dissection Kit and the Cow Eye Dissection Kit.

Dissection Kits Save time and money with a complete dissecting kit. Choose from dissection kits for frog, cow eye, and many more specimens... Shop Now >>
Dissection Specimens Find all of the preserved specimens and complete dissection kits here that you need for high school biology or for life science dissections. Most are single-injected... Shop Now >>
What to Get for Dissection Choose complete dissection kits (including speciment), or order only the scalpels, dissecting pins, trays and guides you need. Shop Now >>
Dissection Guides Choose from a wide selection of dissection manuals so you can easily learn how to dissect everything from frogs to starfish to sheep hearts. All of these guides are illustrated... Shop Now >>
Dissection Tools Get all the dissection tools and other equipment that you need: scalpels, T-pins, dissection pans, teasing needles, scissors, and more. Get a pair of latex gloves... Shop Now >>

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