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Blood Test Kit


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Quick Overview:
This single-use blood type test kit contains everything needed to perform a complete blood test at home home for ABO and Rh.
Ages 12+

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Blood Test Kit


This single-use blood type test kit contains everything needed to perform a complete blood test at home for ABO and Rh. It's a quick way to identify your blood type.

This test kit is ideal for finding out your blood type for the "Eat Right for Your Blood Type" diet. One year shelf life. For educational use; ideal for students. It's easiest to do this with a helper.

Blood Test Kit

  • Card for blood test
  • Sterile lancet
  • Pipet (dropper)
  • Alcohol prep pad
  • Mixing sticks (4)
  • Illustrated instructions
Customer Reviews
Blood lab Review by
Arrived quickly and looks just like the picture and description. The students are eagerly looking forward to our blood lab.
Blood Test Kit Review by
Excellent kit !!! I did this with a couple of our kids to see what blood type they were. Along with some quick and basic blood type Internet research, it made a great science project. The kit is easy to use (with reasonable care to directions) and it also provides a nice clear adhesive covering for the lab sample card so you can preserve your results!
Fun Review by
easy and practical
B+ Review by
ordered 3 tested myself and kids, worked like a champ , thanks
Simple to Use Review by
I ordered this because I wanted to my blood type for a set of dog tags I was ordering. The instructions were simple, and the results were easy to understand!
Better than expected Review by
I ordered 2 sets and received them sooner than expected. The results were very easy to read. I definitely would buy again if needed.
Easy to Use Review by
I ordered two of these sets to use in a class I taught. Both worked just as hoped! The instructions are very easy to follow.
nice Review by
Test was breeze to use. Instructions ok. Gave clear results. Would buy again.
Exactly what I wanted Review by
I received my order promptly and was able to do my blood test the same day. The instructions were very easy to follow and the test worked exactly as expected. No disappointments here.
Pleased Review by
I was very happy with the price of this product. Very easy to use and it worked! Shipping was reasonable and the product arrived on time!! Will definately order from this company again-great selection.
Easy to use Review by
Accurate Results
worked fast Review by
my order came to my house fast, the instructions could not have been clearer. I will be ordering 2 more one for my son and one for my wife.
Great kit Review by
We ordered this kit as part of our study of Apologia's Anatomy course. My 9 year old was able to do almost everything on his own and thought it was an awesome experience.
Easy to use and inexpensive Review by
This kit was used as a supplement to my elementary son's human anatomy curriculum. It was fun and easy to use. And the price was great!
Great kit Review by
Super easy to use. Like the tape cover to save your results forever.
Great kit! Review by
This is a great kit! Very easy to use and read the results. You may want to order an extra if you are doing this with multiple kids and are letting them do it themselves. We had one redo -- child error not kit error :-)-- and I was glad we had one extra. Great price for these also!
Very Cool! Review by
This product was a very cool experience, my one complaint is that the needle was VERY large and it hurt to push in. Other wise this is a VERY simple and awesome experience to learn your blood type.
Easy kit Review by
This blood typing kit was very easy to use and fit in perfectly with our Apologia Human Body Curriculum. It was a lot of fun even though it was somewhat "prickly". Our whole family did it.
Blood typing review Review by
This is an easy to use product. Instructions were clear and concise. I would recommend that you when you prick your finger to make sure that you pool enough blood.
Quick and easy Review by
We enjoyed testing our blood and finding our blood type. We have ordered another kit for Dad.
Awesome Review by
I used the blood typing kit. It was a complete success! I recommend it for all ages
straight and simple Review by
The instructions were clear and simple to follow and everything needed was suppied in the kit. The hardest part was building up the nerve to prick a finger!
Bloodtype test review Review by
Read the instructions and performed the test with ease. The instructions were easy and the test was very easy too. A good deal for the price. Was very satisfied.
Wonderful kit! Review by
Wow! Easy to use, clear instructions, quick results. Great for any homeschooling group or just those curious minds!
Easy to use Review by
We had great success with this kit. The instructions are easy to follow and the results are fast. For my son, who was afraid to be pricked, I was able to use blood from a small cut.
Great kit! Review by
This was exactly what I expected. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. Our co-op had a blast!
Quick, easy and simple instructions. Results were accurate. Great little homeschool project. Worth the money. Shipped quickly and in perfect condition.
GREAT KIT ! Review by
The best kit. The kids had fun preforming their lab experiment. The kit provides instructions and all the material needed to type one's blood. When a kit provides all material needed and instructions are simple, kids enjoy the experience and the love of science only increases. Our homeschool experience and love for science has only grown more intense due to the format of Apologia offers in its curriculum. Home Science Tools providing kits to complete Apologia material at affordable prices allows this to happen in our school. Most appreciative to both companies.
Accurate and Easy to use Review by
We used the blood typing kit, nothing missing very easy to use. Very accurate and good teaching tool. I am a MLT(ASCP)and have done blood typing in hospital and clinical settings (10000+) tests and this is by far the nicest kit I have found. Would highly recommend.
Blood Test Review by
The test is easy to use. The results were fast and acurate. Actually thinking of buying another one for my other child to do. I recommend this product.
Loved by a hematologist! Review by
My husband, an embryologist and former hematologist, helped my 2 homeschoolers and I perform this test. He gave it very high marks! If someone like him will put their "stamp of approval" on it, you KNOW it's got to be good! Thank you! :)
Good genetics lesson for my 5 oldest kids Review by
I ordered 5 of these kits for my oldest 5 kids who are using the Apologia elementary Human Anatomy text by Jeannie Fulbright. The recommended experiment at the end of the chapter is to buy a blood typing kit to find out your blood type. Since both my husband and I are A+, I expected several of my kid to be A+ as well. But lo and behold, we had three O+, one A- and only one A+ (the oldest). I showed them a site on the internet that explained how two Rh+ parents could have an Rh- child, as they were baffled about that at first. We also got to discuss dominant and recessive genes and which blood types were the most popular in our country. My only complaint was that I could not find pictures anywhere on the internet that showed these test card results "for real". There were drawings in the little instruction booklet, but they are not very much like the real thing. I can see how some people might have a hard time interpreting the results.
Thank you Review by
We used this with our Human Anatomy and Physiology lesson and loved it! My 4th and 7th graders were a little leery at first but after finally having success with the prick, they were all in!
Quick and easy Review by
Bought this kit for Lesson 7 in Apologia's Young Explorer's Human Anatomy & Physiology. I bought one for each child (10, 13). They weren't excited about the "prick" but I believe the "dreading" it was worse than the actual pain. It was very easy to do and the results were easy to read.
Easy and Fast! Review by
Very easy to use. Directions were very clear to understand. Every step was laid out with a picture of what to do. Helps if you already have a blood glucose meter to prick the finger or arm.
Good kit Review by
Simple to use with quick results -there's no waiting around for some extended biochemical process. The instructions make it sound a bit complicated but in my case the second I dabbed the blood drop on the correct circle it started agglutinating - separating into a pattern as depicted on the card. I stirred it for a few seconds but didn't really have to. I also ran the test unassisted with no complications. I used the lancet on my forearm. Less sensation then a mosquito bite - in fact I wasn't sure it even pricked until a small drop of blood appeared -lol.....
Blood Obtaining Help Review by
20+yrs married to a juvenile diabetic req'ed to test sugars using a glucometer gives you an edge when it comes to drawing blood drops for these kinds of tests. The new glucometers take such a minuscule amt of blood compared to the old machines. It wasn't easy at 1st b/c DH has big hands/fingers & heavy calluses from years of working w/his hands & playing the guitar. It's best to either wrap a finger around the tip of the finger to be pricked or use a rubberband as a light tourniquet but only for a short time. Once the finger pinks up well, prick the finger off to the side vs the center of the finger to avoid bruising, which can be painful for a day or so. Imagine pricking fingers 8 -10x per day for testing for diabetes... Pricking fingers in this method makes it easier to get a higher volume of blood from the finger & pricking the finger to the side vs the middle really does help prevent bruising pain. This is esp important when testing for children b/c with kids, it's a 1-shot deal or they won't come back willingly.
10 Stars a cross the board Review by
This is so easy. Too bad some people can't tell the difference from there ability to bleed or poor blood flow, from the performance of these kits or these reviews would all be 5's. It's a great test, don't let a few individuals stop you from test. It's fun, accurate and low cost.
Great company, great test Review by
The kit is very easy to use when you have 2 people. The results were fast and easy to read. The shipping was great and on time. I would definitely recommend Home Science Tools and this kit.
Blood Testing Kit Review by
These kits were easy and fun to use. The results were instant and the kit was very simple to use. Yes, it definitely helps to have a helper. Great product!
Great Kit! Review by
This is a great blood typing kit! It is fast, easy and very affordable. I would highly recommend it! This was definitely our favorite science project of the year!
Easy and Educational Review by
This kit is great. Simple to use but effective. Good information to have as well as being a great educational tool and fun science project. We ordered kits for everyone in the family and plan to order another bunch to share with friends and extended family. Great product.
Blood test kit Review by
This kit was incredibly easy to use, and the results were fast and accurate. It does help to have a helper handy as recommended in the instructions. I think that this is a great product and it is extremely affordable. Thanks.
Blood Type Kit Review by
I ordered several of these kits in order to type our kids' blood for their own information. The kits were easy to use and results came quickly. For some of the kids we did have a little trouble getting a large enough blood droplet, but all in all it was a good experience and the results were worth any discomfort (to me anyway!).
Great kit! Review by
I loved this kit! Although I'm not home schooled, I'm really into science. This product is worth more than every penny! I learned my blood type, and had fun, too. I have to agree, however, that it was a little difficult to use the applicator sticks, but that's what creativity's for! I also agree that it is easier to get the blood flowing if you soak your hand in warm water first (thanks for the tip!). Other than that, no complaints! In fact, I bought an extra 20 lancets to use for other experiments (like viewing red blood cells under a microscope)! Thanks so much HST!
Put my health providers to shame! Review by
Great product. Quick results, easy to use, and soo affordable. I can't believe that so far, none of my health care providers know how easy, accurately, and affordable it is to obtain your blood type and rhesus factor from the hometrainingtools.com blood type kit. Without the reliance of a hospital lab!
Overall very satisfied Review by
Amazingly quick results. Great price, good instructions and relatively easy to use except for the plastic collectors to put the blood droplets on. Definately need a helper for that part. Maybe a tiny spoon like device would work better.
Easy and Quick! Review by
This kit was reasonably priced, arrived quickly and was easy to use. Just follow directions (read through them ahead of time) and the results were clear. My husband is a chicken when it comes to blood samples, but I managed to get the few drops I needed for the test without too much resistance!
Highly recommend! Review by
Best things about this product: obviously the price (I purchased four other kits from different companies and in comparison this was the best for your buck) and secondly, the easy-to-follow instructions. I also followed up the results of the kit with a blood test from my doctor and it proved to be exact! Only reason I couldn't give this a "5" was simply because the four applicators were impossible to use for blood transfer (I ended up pricking four fingers to drop blood directly onto the Eldon card.
Awesome!! Review by
I was appalled to learn that nobody in my family knew their blood types, so I ordered three of these kits. My mom almost passed out (she's just like that) but the kits were fun and very easy to use! Thanks so much for the great family activity!!! :)
Blood type test kit Review by
The instructions were easy to follow and the results were accurate. I'm not a free bleeder so I had to prick myself two or three times to get what was needed for the test,(no fault of the test). I'd recommend the test for anyone wanting to find out what their blood type is though. Price was good also!
Individual Blood Typing Kit Review by
This is a very simple product to use and yields accurate results time after time. I have also purchased and used the group blood typing kit, which is a little more cost-effective if you're doing a project with a group. Both give great results!
Blood Type Test Kit Review by
I give this blood type test a 4 out of 5. It was fairly easy to use and the price is great. It was really fun and now I know my blood type! I agree with other reviewers, the plastic applicators used to put the blood on the eldon card were a little hard to use. Overall, a good product. I would recommend this product to learn your blood type.
Hard to Use Review by
While the price of this kit is low, it is not a good value. The directions are fine, and we understood the procedure, the problem was in applying the blood to the small plastic sticks. We had to prick ourselves so many times and squeeze so hard that I have a bruise on my fingertip! This would not be a good lab for many children below teenage, because I believe that most would become very frustrated. Ouch! I would have given this just one star, but because of the low price, it might be useful to those of you who really need to complete this experiment.
Blood Test Kit Review by
I got this product for my daughter to use with her homeschooling and it was easy to understand and follow the directions. Interesting for her to test everyone around to see the different blood types. Great product for the price and quick service as well. Thanks!
Great kit, easy instructions! Review by
This kit was very easy to use, though for the younger kids it was a little difficult to get the correct amount of blood. Even so, we were still able to get results with less than instructed. I'd recommend to others using the kit that younger children warm their hand up in warm water for a minute or so before drawing the blood. Great fun, and very useful... highly recommended!
Blood Test Kit Review by
The kids really enjoyed discovering their own blood type as well as their lab partner. It took a little nerve for them to poke themselves, but once they did, it was all fun.
Shannon, RN Review by
I chose the product related to price and found that you get what you pay for. We did this as a family project and discovered it was difficult getting enough blood for the samples and later difficult reading the results. To the kits credit however it has very easy to follow instructions and it is inexpensive.
Blood Test Kit Review by
This product was extremely quick and easy to use which was wonderful because after reading the instructions I was sure it would be complicated! I was pleasantly surprised when it was all done and I had the very clear results practically immediately!! It really helps to read the instructions fully and have everything laid out and ready. It also helps to have an assistant. I definitely recommend this product to anyone wanting to find out their blood type.
Easy to Use Review by
Great kit - very easy to use. The results came up fast and easy to read. Highly Recommended!
Blood Kit Review by
I like this product because it accomplished two things at once -- it gave us our blood type, and it helped educate my 9 year old at the same time. Bravo!
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