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Bullfrog Tadpoles - Live


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Quick Overview:
Get six bullfrog tadpoles to watch metamorphosis on a grand scale.
Ages 8+
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Shipping Note: Bullfrog tadpoles only ship to a street address in the contiguous 48 US states, excluding Nevada, with Economy or Ground Service shipping. Specify a delivery date Wednesday through Friday, at least seven days after your order date. An additional $13 shipping charge applies to each delivery date.Severe weather may delay shipment for several weeks as tadpoles/ live specimens are only shipped when the temperature is 32-75°F.

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Bullfrog Tadpoles - Live


Get six bullfrog tadpoles to watch metamorphosis on a grand scale! These live tadpoles are up to 2" when shipped, and will develop into adult frogs with a 4-6" body length (not including legs). Instructions for care are included with each shipment. Keep your bullfrog tadpoles in a 2 gallon aquarium and feed them tadpole food until they become a froglet. Feed froglets and adult frogs adult frog food.

This item cannot be returned.

Development Time: Metamorphosis of bullfrog tadpoles to young frogs is slow and can take 4-12 months for complete resorption of tail, etc. (To see the stages of frog metamorphosis in a shorter amount of time, you can order the Frog Hatchery or Grow-a-Frog Kit.) Factors such as tadpole age upon arrival and water temperature, food, and other habitat conditions can affect their growth rate.

However, bullfrog tadpoles are a great choice if you have the time; their large size makes them easy to observe and they can be fun to watch swim, eat, and dive.

Customer Reviews
Bullfrog Tadpoles Review by
We love tadpoles, and usually catch them locally each spring. But last year we couldn't, and we missed having them. Fortunately, we found them available through Home Science and ordered the 6-count. They arrived happy and healthy and are growing fat on the frozen bloodworms from our local pet store. They did not want to eat the freeze-dried food that came with them, fyi. Once we're into early summer, we move them outside to a little pond where they entertain all our friends. Tadpoles are very gentle, yet hardy, and they can be trained to eat out of your hand. Most fish won't survive being handled by little kids, but these guys are pretty tough, and so cute.
Very Satisfied Review by
We received all tadpoles in great condition. They took great care in packaging and shipping them. The kids are all very excited about them.
Very Good! Review by
They are Very nice & they Package their Stuff Very Good!! The Bull Frog Tadpoles Are so cute & they were very easy to take care of! after they turned into Adult Frogs we let them Go in our backyard with our other Frogs & they acted like they were a Family they fit right in!!!!
All Died Review by
All died Stinks
Excellent Review by
All arrived alive, I had set up a ten gallon tank a week before with bottled spring water. I talked to the specialist and he advised me to use spring water (not distilled) they need the minerals. Two days after they arrived Hurricane Irene hit us and I was without power for almost a week. I called the specialist again and he told me to change 25% of the water every other day to keep the ammonia from building up. They all survived, and so far are doing Great!
Great Review by
All arrived alive and it has been two months and they are all still alive. It has been fun to watch them change.
Awesome customer service Review by
I got my shipment on time. A few were dead which is expected with live shipments. I talked to customer service and told them what happened. They replied quickly and told me that they were reshipping my shipment. The second shipment was great. They were lively and all in great condition. I would recommend buying tadpoles from home science before anyone else.
all died Review by
All of them died within a few days of getting them. A big waste of time and money and a big disappointment for the kids. I set out tap water forn a week before they came to get rid of the chlorine but that might not of been enough, spring water from the store probably would have been better.
All Died Review by
All the tadpoles were delivered safely, but died one by one within 2.5 months of arrival.
All have died :( Review by
Several of the tadpoles arrived dead. The company was awsome in getting to me 6 more tapoles. The bad part is that all have died in 2 weeks. :( I still think this was still a good deal despite what happened
Lots of fun! Review by
All seven tadpoles arrived safe and healthy even though we were concerned when the delivery man handed us the package upside down! They seem to be very hearty and we are getting much amusement watching them! Enjoying the process while we contemplate the future lodging of 7 Bullfrogs!
Sad Tadpoles Review by
I ordered these a year ago, and sadly one by one all died. The last one died this morning, and it still had not finished its metamorphosis, making it only to the beginnings of having legs.
perfect Review by
All the Bullfrogs lived they are awesome
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