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Butterfly Garden


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Quick Overview:
Observe Painted Lady caterpillars for about three weeks as they mature, change into chrysalises, and finally emerge as beautiful butterflies. Coupon to redeem butterfly larvae included.
Ages 4+

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WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Shipping Note: When you redeem the coupon for the butterfly larvae, there is an additional $5 S&H charge. Continental US and Alaska only.

Butterfly Garden


This butterfly garden kit allows you to observe Painted Lady caterpillars for about three weeks as they mature, change into chrysalises, and finally emerge as beautiful butterflies. Rearing live Painted Lady butterflies is a fascinating way to study insect metamorphosis! When they are fully grown, you can release the butterflies into your backyard.

The butterfly garden kit includes a colorful reusable pop-up habitat (11" tall), instructions, interesting butterfly information, and a coupon to redeem for 3-5 live butterfly larvae (caterpillars) with special food. There is a $5 fee to redeem the butterfly larvae coupon. Allow 2-3 weeks to receive live culture after redeeming the coupon online.)

Customer Reviews
Great Observation Project Review by
We really enjoyed watching our caterpillars grow and go through their metamorphosis. We are currently watching a praying mantis in our butterfly garden. We are looking forward to doing butterflies again in the near future.
A whole lotta fun Review by
I bought the butterfly garden as a gift for my girlfriend who is in love with butterflies. She absolutely loved the idea and thought it was out of the box. Great gift idea for adults, not just for children.
What fun with grandchildren Review by
I ordered this to do with my grandchildren while I was staying with them. We had a ball watching the caterpillars and later installing them in the butterfly garden. I had to leave before they became butterflies but we had many fun calls about their metamorphosis and later release.
Butterfly garden Review by
I bought this as a present for my 4 year old nephew, who had very little interest in them until they became butterflies and especially when we released them. The concept of a creature that changes from one "ugly" and "icky" form into something so beautiful during it's life was something I was excited to teach him; that ugly things can be/become beautiful. The caterpillars were so much smaller than expected but grew almost double in size overnight. 3 weeks later they emerged as beautiful butterflies. He loved releasing them into his backyard and really didn't want to let them go. He loved it, and all the other parents at the party were impressed (and a little envious) with the gift. Best gift ever!
AS SEEN ON TV Review by
When my order arrived, I was very disappointed to see that this is the "AS SEEN ON TV" version of the Butterfly Garden. I am going to keep it because the cost of shipping the item back isn't worth it, but please be aware that this is the Live Butterfly Garden "AS SEEN ON TV." For the price difference on Home Science Tools, I was expected a superior product.
Fun fun fun Review by
My girls ages 6 and 9 got this for an Easter gift and they could not wait to get started. Within the week we had the larvae and they are growing fast!! My oldest "knows all about it" from the butterfly garden her 2nd grade class had; but is just as excited as my youngest!!
Amazing! Review by
My boys were so excited to get started with this. We were all amazed when our butterflies appeared. A great learning tool for our science class!
butterflies Review by
We have used this kit as well as the larger kit, and reused them with refill caterpillars. It always works well. My daycare children, my children, and the parents of the daycare children are all excited watching the changes take place. We almost always have all of them turn into butterflies. We watch them for a while and then let them go.
Awesome Butterflies Review by
This kit was great! We ordered the caterpillars online and it was fast and easy. All five of ours turned into butterflies. My kids (7 and 4) absolutely loved this! We'll save the house and do it again another year. Very nice product!
delightful and definitely worth the price Review by
The Butterfly Garden and Larvae project provided our whole family with a delightful experience. We had 5 of the 5 larvae grow and develop to adulthood. The whole process was easy to observe - no mess b/c the larvae food was included. And the adult butterflies were very colorful and pretty. The BF Garden was light-weight, easy for little children to transport and very easy to store.
Awesome Experience! Review by
I had never witnessed the life cycle of a butterfly until after I had purchased this product for my children's science curriculum. I was as excited as the kids were about watching the caterpillars make their chrysalises. And we actually got to watch some of them hatch! After a few days, we decided to release them and one landed on my finger and seemed to not want to leave! To me, it was one of those rare life experiences that I can't wait to do again! I also like the fact that you can use the butterfly house to hold other insects as well!
Amazing Transformation Review by
My children truly enjoyed this science project. They were amazed by the transformaton of the caterpillars and they just couldn't believe how quickly they hatched into butterflies. They let them go outside our home and we can still see one hanging around our flower bed every now and then. We can't wait to get some more caterpillars! I would definitely recommend this kit. Fun for all ages!
Everyone should try this once! Review by
We used this kit as one of our homeschool science projects last year. Watching the butterflies emerge was the highlight of the experience. The "garden" is sturdy and can be reused again and again. Ours has been trransformed into a temporary cage for bugs that we come across in the yard. Works great for keeping lightning bugs...and then letting them go.
Reuseable and Fun Review by
Even after you use your first set of caterpillars the sturdy net "cage" can be reused with more orders of caterpillars or with those you find in your yard! Information about feeding them is included. Rachel C.
another positive review Review by
I got this for my six year old around a year ago. She loved it so much, I re-ordered more larvae so we could watch the process again! The second time around, I found some milk weed and put it in the butterfly house with the butterflies. They actually laid beautiful teal eggs all over the leaves! It was very exciting. Great kit.
Can't wait to use it! Review by
I got this for our 9 year old and can't wait to use it. A little too cold to be raising the caterpillars and then releasing them. My daughter was excited and can't wait either.It is so roomy and folds up easily for storage too.
butterfly garden Review by
my kids loved watching the butterflies hatch. They all hatched and flew off to the garden!
Everyone Should Try This Review by
We really enjoyed watching the butterflies grow. It was a really easy kit to use and all four of my children learned a little something about butterflies including us adults. Well worth the money. Can be used over and over again.
Such fun! Review by
This was a great little kit to get. You mail in a certificate free of charge to get the cup full of caterpillars, self-contained (you don't have to open it at all until the caterpillars are all in their chrysallis, great for squeamish moms!) They say 3 of the 5 should live, but all of ours completed their entire life cycle. It was informative and fun, and for a very small charge, you can reuse the cage with new caterpillars, or your kids can use it to catch their own bugs later. It's a great value for the money, and good fun.
Great fun for all ages Review by
My son received the butterfly kit for his birthday, and it was the hit of our family! Every morning, my children (ages 9, 6 and 4)would check on the status of the caterpillars to see how much they had grown. The morning the butterflies hatched from their chrysalli my son came running into my room with as much excitement as Christmas morning! All the butterflies hatched, and we held a party to let them go. We will definitely hatch another set next spring. An example of interesting, hands on science.
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