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Carnivorous Creations Kit


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Quick Overview:
Grow more than 10 varieties of exotic carnivorous plants.
Ages 5+

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Carnivorous Creations Kit


Grow more than 10 varieties of exotic carnivorous plants! Watch a Venus Fly Trap, Pitcher Plant, Cobra Plant, Trumpet Plant, Sundew Plant, and more develop from seed to mature plant, and find out how these intriguing carnivorous plants catch their prey. (They really do eat insects!) This complete kit comes with a growing dome, seed packs, decorative stickers and rocks, planting mixture, and an instruction/ fact sheet. With the unique greenhouse design, you only have to water the plants every few months! Made in U.S.A.

Growing these plants from seed does take some time (up to three months for some of the varieties to sprout). However, Dunecraft has updated this kit with two seeds types - ones that can be planted immediately and ones that require stratification (refrigeration for several weeks). This means you can get started with your carnivorous garden right away!

Dome measures approximately 9.3 x 4.8 x 9.3 inches.

Carnivorous Creations Kit

  • Growing dome
  • Planting mixture
  • Seed packets
  • Rocks
  • 3 "bog buddies"
  • 3 photo decals
  • Care and instruction guide
Customer Reviews
Horrible Review by
This product is Horrible. Nothing grew. I had seeds in my refrigerator, bought the distilled water. Found the perfect place in my home. Nothing. I have now talked to an expert on VFT's and they have minimal growth for 2-3 years. Go buy the 2 soil components and the plants yourself. Don't waste the money on this.
Plant farm Review by
Product ordering was a breeze. Shipped and delivered on schedule. Kit included everything needed. great instructions. My 10 year old loves it. Remember you are growing from seed. So the cool part may take awhile.
Plant farm Review by
Product ordering was a breeze. Shipped and delivered on schedule. Kit included everything needed. great instructions. My 10 year old loves it. Remember you are growing from seed. So the cool part may take awhile.
Great Review by
Great item everything sprouted exept the sundews and i can't wait until they get about one to two years old great item totaly recomned it.
disappointing Review by
I wish I'd know that it takes up to 3 months for these seeds to sprout even than I would've bought carnivorous plants at the local store right away. Now I paid for the kit and still had to buy plants. Disappointing for children if it takes so long and changes are so small that it will actually come up. Not recommended.
Be cautious Review by
If you want to buy carnivorous plants or seeds, you're much better off going to a carnivorous plant/seed website where you will find specific information on each plant's unique requirements. Flytraps take over 3 years to mature, as do many other insectivores. Cobra plants require very specific conditions, cool soil and warm air. Different plants require different moisture, humidity, and light levels. A kit like this will not suffice for growing carnivorous plants for very long.
Difficult to grow Review by
Few sprouts, and very difficult to keep going
Works great Review by
Follow the instructions and this item works great. Some of the seeds get planted immediatley, others need to have a little water added to their packet and refrigerated for a few weeks first. And it still takes time and indirect sunlight and moisture for them to sprout. We have a couple dozen tiny plants growing quite well.
didn't work Review by
We followed all the instructions, including chilling it for weeks first. Nothing grew. [Home Science Tools adds: Your satisfaction is guaranteed - if for some reason your seeds don't grow, DuneCraft (the manufacturer) will gladly send you replacements at no charge!]
This is the best thing i ever saw! It sprouted!It was so much fun to feed the venus fly traps!If you want to send spend 30 dollers on something worth it, THIS IS THE ONE YOU NEED TO GET!!!!!!! Buy it!
Carnivorous Kit Review by
(I did not order this kit through here, but thought this would be important to others who are interested.) My son was very interested in the idea of carnivorous plants and was excited about being able to grow them from seeds. The kit is easy to set up, but requires that the kit be placed in a refrigerator for 8 weeks. Then the seeds may begin germinating within a few weeks or they may take another few months. The directions state "Be patient!" My sons plants never did germinate, but I called the company and they very quickly sent replacement seeds. We are going to try them again soon.
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