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Chemistry Supplies

Affordable, quality chemistry lab equipment, chemicals, kits, and other supplies for great experiments

Whether you’re an experienced teacher or a parent terrified at the thought of chemistry, a hobbyist or professional lab technician, shop here to find all those lab supplies (big or small) that you need.

If you know what you need, check out the specific categories below for complete chemistry supplies, laboratory equipment, chemicals, and more for your hands-on experiments and scientific procedures. If you need help, just give us a call!

Lab Equipment Get prepared for in-depth science experiments with all the essential laboratory tools: ring stands and accessories, burettes, glass tubing, tongs and clamps, corks and rubber stoppers, and other chemistry lab equipment... Shop Now >>
Glassware and Plasticware Beakers, flasks, test tubes, and graduated cylinders are essential chemistry laboratory equipment. The ones you'll find here are made of sturdy, chemical-resistant glass ideal for student use... Shop Now >>
Chemistry Kits Experience chemistry in action with these kits! For older kids: the Chem C1000 or Chemistry of Food are great sets. For younger kids: Slime Science or Fizzy Foamy Science are... Shop Now >>
Chemicals We supply a wide variety of chemicals in small quantities. Find chemicals to complete the labs in your curriculum, or stains for showing detail on microscope slide specimens. And much more... Shop Now >>
Digital Scales and Balances Most chemistry and physics courses need a balance. Choose from beam and digital balances and scales, including ones from Ohaus and economical triple beam balances and scales... Shop Now >>
Safety Equipment If you're doing a lab that involves chemicals, protect yourself with the right safety equipment, from lab aprons, heavy-duty chemical-resistant gloves, and goggles... Shop Now >>

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