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Chemistry Equipment Kit

Item# CE-KIT01

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Quick Overview:
This set comes with all the basic equipment needed for chemistry projects.
Ages 12+
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Chemistry Equipment Kit

Item# CE-KIT01

This set comes with all the basic equipment needed for chemistry projects. These real laboratory tools include durable glass beakers, graduated cylinders for measuring liquids, a flask, wickless alcohol lamp and stand, test tubes and stand, thermometer, tubing pinch clamp, glass tubes, rubber stoppers, and pH papers.

This is a great set to order with a boxed chemistry set, so kids gain the experience of working with real labware instead of just a few plastic cups and tubes! Its companion, our Intro to Chemistry Kit (order separately), enhances study with 20+ pieces and 25+ new experiments. With both kits, kids learn the basics of seven different chemistry concepts, including polymerization, solubility, chemical reactions, electrochemistry, and more!

This kit is packaged in an environmentally-friendly brown cardboard box.

Chemistry Equipment Kit

  • 250 ml glass beaker
  • 600 ml glass beaker
  • 250 ml Erlenmeyer flask
  • wickless alcohol lamp and stand (buy ethyl alcohol fuel here)
  • 10 ml polypropylene graduated cylinder
  • 100 ml polypropylene graduated cylinder
  • 4 large glass test tubes
  • test tube stand
  • test tube holder
  • 12" thermometer
  • plastic funnel
  • tubing pinch clamp
  • glass tubes
  • 2' vinyl tubing
  • #6 2-hole rubber stopper
  • #0 1-hole rubber stopper
  • pH papers
  • pipet (dropper)
  • glass stirring rod
Customer Reviews
Beginner Chemistry Set Review by
We have started a chemistry class through Super Charged Science and they recommended this set. My kids are really excited to use it. I do wish the graduated cylinders were glass instead of plastic. Also when the package arrived 2 items were broken. When I called Home Science Tools, they were very nice and prompt about sending replacements.
Movie Review by
Nice movie. But don't call it a beaker while showing flasks.
Great Set from a ChE Review by
This is a great beginner set. My 8 year old son loves chemistry and is constantly asking to do experiments..Must be genetic as I'm a Chemical Engineer. Anyway, I started to search for glassware and decided to buy this set as a basic set that we can build on. The only thing I'd change about the set is I would have preferred it if the graduated cylinders were glass instead of plastic and if the thermometer had F on it too. Otherwise, it's a nice intro set capable of doing a variety of experiments. I did buy the intro to chemistry kit too, so we could hit the ground running. I could have probably found what I needed piecemeal and saved a few bucks, but I probably would have spent hours pouring over the options and over bought too much stuff. This is where you should start. I have no idea how this fits into home school ciriculum as we are just doing it for a fun enrichment activity but the glassware is the same quality I've seen at work.
Quality labware Review by
great price
everything you need Review by
Great setup for most experiments and great for home school teaching. The kids love the real lab gear
Great way to learn the basics Review by
I really liked this product I have been interested in chemistry for a while and this kit has given me a strong base in chemistry.
wonderful Review by
I bought this for a young man for a gift. He loves it and that makes me happy.
Awesome starter kit Review by
So I had ordered quite a few things on here already (for those reading reviews, you might see my name on the 50 ml beakers, the 200 g digital scale, 10 in stirring rod, and denatured alcohol fuel at the moment of this review). The thing was though, I needed quite a bit more variety in my equipment, but I wasn't 100% sure where to start. I didn't want to buy a ton of individual pieces, so I looked through the list a couple of times, and saw that the diversity of the pack would be a great addition to my chemistry equipment. It has a lot of different basic materials that are the root of a lot of different experiments in the field of chemistry. I really enjoyed it, and it has been keeping up with all my little demonstrations. By the way, I think the box got damaged on the way to my house (the delivery people's fault, not home science), and I ended up with a cracked test tube. I called them up to let them know, and they sent on to my house immediately. Just a little tidbit to know how great the customer service here is as well.
Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Review by
Works great I just wish it came With liquids and gases but although I am an eight years old I still love this kit and your web site I'm still looking with my family to find ethyl Alcohol for my burner but your web site Is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
burnner Review by
I got this kit for the burner and the glass ware. the burner is strong and will melt copper and zinc. So i would get a crucible for this burner. the beakers are good but I recommend getting more (100Ml and 150). Plus get come more flasks. The burner can rub of isopropyl in my tests but I would get the stuff they sell here. The test tubes are good but hares only 4 so get 2 more large test tubes.
Son Loved it! Review by
Bought this for my son for Christmas. He set up shop in his room and we haven't seen him since. He loves it!
Fantastic service Review by
The package arrived the next day! Everything arrived unbroken and it seems of very high quality. Very satisfied with this company and will definitely buy from them again.
High Quality Review by
Very good starter equipment kit, All of the glasswear was high quality with nothing broken.
Great starter kit! Review by
New to homeschool - we are just building our supply of science equipment. This was a nice collection of items we needed to get started! Order came sooner than expected and in good condition. Well packed so none of the glassware broke.
Lab Kit Review by
This kit is great to start your basic chemistry equipment collection. It was shipped very quickly and it was well packaged. Thanks.
Great kit! Review by
The kit arrived early and in good condition
Awesome kit Review by
Best birthday present ever!
chemistry equipment Review by
Ordered this along with micro Chennai. Kit, couldn't be happier. These two go along with abeka chemistry. Thanks for convince for learning at home:)
wow Review by
Everything I hoped for.
Outstanding Value Great Customer Service Review by
I bought the book and the kit and couldn't be happier! There was no way that I could purchase the items separately for the price. My questions to customer service were quickly and professionally answered. The author / owner is closely involved in the company to ensure outstanding service and quality control. I can't say enough other than Thank You for making the Learning Chemistry Lab once again available for Hobbiests like me and homeschooling families. You have a very satisfied customer.
Great Item Review by
Along with the other items we bought we are very pleased!. Makes Home shool science a fun experence!The sets are complete and you can get excatly what you need! Thanks!!
The biggest Christmas hit Review by
This kit was purchased based on positive customer reviews, and we couldn't be happier. My 11-year-old has done experiments every day for the last week. Only word of advice would be to research and purchase chemicals & denatured alcohol with the kit so they can begin experimenting right away.
Great Product Review by
This product was a great way to start a chemistry set. The price is very affordable especially for the amount of supplies you get. Im very pleased with my set. Very quick delivery time and customer service is great. I will be ordering all of my futher chemistry needs from this website. :)
very cool Review by
this kit was awesome came with everything it says and the delivery time was quick totally worth it
rocks! Review by
this is a very good set! I had a little trouble with the stopper but custumer service and my dad got it fixed I would recomend it any day!
Best purchase I've made this year. Review by
This kit has almost all that I would need to start my science kit from scratch. Anything more, I can probably order from this site. It's affordable, economical, and offers enough versatility for several kinds of experiments. I've got my eyes set on the condensers next.
Excellent product Review by
If your looking for top quality equipment you just found it. The basic kit is by the best product for a starter kit. My sons and i enjoy ours and we are looking to expand our kit.
Great Kit!!! Review by
I am a chem student in college. I was very impressed with how much this kit comes with. I got this kit at the advice of Robert Thompson's book "Illustrated guide to home Chemistry Experiments". I was impressed that the burner was wick less. It comes with all the basic lab material you would need to do many basic experiments. It is a good starter kit or stand alone set. I would recommend ordering a digital scale with it that is readable to .01 grams.
Very Profesional Review by
I loved how real this kit was. It had everything that I needed to start my lab, although I did order a few other things. the only thing that was wrong, was that the stopppers fit, but the holes in them only fit the tips of eye dropper, not normal 5mm glass tubing, so i suggest that you purchase some other stopper as well. Completely worth it!
Great Start Kit! Review by
Excellent beginners set! Quality of items are great. You can not go wrong with the price and quality compared to other brands of science equipment you can get at hobby and toys stores. We purchased additional items; they were of the same quality and value. The only one "Con" is the glass tube hole for the test tube rubber stopper is too small; you will need to enlarge it before use.
:) Review by
well, i love this kitt! but, the glass tube doesn't fit in the hole for the test tubes rubber stopper. alittle disapointed but other than that, great!
Great deal Review by
Great starter set. Some of the glassware isnt the best of quality, but will definately get the job done. Best kit on this site to expand upon in the future.
Best for Basic Chemist Review by
This a greater starter kit! It provides enough equipment to give the feel of a real chemist, yet not too much to be overwhelmed. My twin boys are 8 yrs. old and still have a tendancy to do things the equipment is not intended for so this was important to me. The burner is also safe to handle.
Very Nice Starter Kit Review by
This is a very nice Chemistry starter kit. It has all the equipment needed to measure, mix, and heat solutions. Worth every penny spent. The kit arrived in a timely manner and was meticulously packed.
Not baad Review by
The set isn't bad, it has most basic equipement needed. But for a more advanced chemist you might want to get a different kit targeted for experienced chemists.
Great starting kit Review by
Everything came in one piece with no problems. Though I haven't had it for long I think that I'll have a lot of fun with this set
Great! Review by
Great set! It has made doing basic experiments much easier, and also fun. I like the professional touches, and quick service. Thank you!
Great Kit! Review by
This is a great kit! My son was never interested in science until I bought this kit. Now all he wants to do is chemistry. It is top quality.
Nice Starter Set Review by
Nice bundle to get you started in chemistry! Buy a ring stand and some clamps for an even better set! Another suggestion - buy a couple of smaller (50 mL) Erlenmeyer flasks - they are very handy for swirling / observing solutions!
Excellent Beginner Set Review by
This was a great starter kit. Quality was great for the price. Shipping was super fast. I added a few more things to meet the needs of my children's experiments for the science fairs. I added a 500 ml Erlenmeyer flask, test tube brush, clamp, wire gauze, ring stand and support, apron, goggles, spatula, pipets, and wax pencil.
great kit Review by
Hi I love this kit I get to make lots of experiments I may be just a kid but i take my chemstry seriously I LOVE THIS KIT!!!!!!!
Very nice Review by
I really enjoy this chemistry set. All of the glass came in perfect shape. The price was very surprising! The only negative thing I have to say is the test tube stand is terrible at keeping test tubes straight. the top support hole is way to big. Great set though! highly recomended
good quality selection Review by
This kit provides a really nice selection of good quality supplies for a great price. Add safety glasses and some filter paper and you're all set to do a lot of experiments.
Chemistry Equipment Kit Review by
Great value, and perfect for basic home science projects for beginning chemists. Has all you need to do simple chemistry experiments, and a great starter kit to build on for more complicated experiments down the road.
Great Starter Kit Review by
This is an awesome starter kit. This kit provides a great starting point for our Chemistry class, with good quality glass and plasticware, and allows us to stay within our homeschooling budget. The proper equipment lends professionalism and seriousness to our studies.
Awesome!!! Review by
I am a beginner chemist (just a kid) and I love science alot. I looked at several different websites looking for these EXACT same materials. Everything was expensive. Then I found this website and this kit. It has all the basic essentials of a real lab, and it makes me feel like I'm a real scientist.
Good Review by
Very, VERY, prompt delivery. Good materials, exactly what I needed.
Great Kit! Review by
This is a great starter chemistry kit. Everything arrived in perfect condition. The burner was easy and safe to operate, and my son enjoys using it with real lab supplies. The kit was nicely put together. The only thing I think should be added is safety glasses. Thanks!
Great starter kit! Review by
This kit is a great value and has all the basics you need to get started with chemistry fun. My boys, 14 and 11, find it very useful.
Good starter kit. Review by
It was difficult to improvise equipment for our home science experiments. This kit has made teaching and learning chemistry fun. It is a very good basic kit. I have already added on to it because our interest in chemistry has grown since we first used it.
First Chemistry Kit Review by
High quality equipment, great price, great selection of items in this package for beginners. A happy customer!
I love it as much as the kids! Review by
No longer is chemistry a drudge... my children are serious scientists now! Even I have found that having 'real' chemistry equipment makes it more exciting to teach it. Next time I would order a chemistry kit to go with it though, just to make getting started with it easier.
Chemistry Equipment Kit Review by
Love it, love it, love it! Just what we needed and it came so quickly we were able to do experiments within the week.Everything was intact and better than expected. It so nice to have a place to order science items at a reasonable price for educating our children at home...thank you and keep it up! S. Daum
Chemistry Equipment Kit Review by
This is a great kit. My 7th grade son is completely self-taught in this stuff and he just loves this kit. It is hours of endless entertainment for him. He loves to explain to me the experiments he's doing and the things he's discovering. The kit arrived with one broken flask but the company is sending out a replacement. We are very satisfied with the product.
Our First Chemistry Kit Review by
Our children were excited when the kit came and couldn't wait to get started on some experiments. One of our children doesn't care for science and even she was excited. One of the test tubes was broken when the box arrived but Home Science Tools sent out a replacement right away. They even offered to send it out express mail if I had needed it right away. Now that's customer service!
Chemistry Kit Review by
Great product at a Great price! My thermometer arrived broken. I sent an email and another was mailed out immediately.
Beats buying each item seperate Review by
My daughter is a 8th grade home school student taking Physical Science. This kit should work well with the experiments she will be doing this year. Two of the test tubes arrived broken, but I have been assured that I will be sent two replacement tubes.
Excellent Starter Glassware Review by
It is worth buying if you are just learning chemistry and do not have any glassware. It saves a few bucks compared to buying each item seperately. I am happy :)
Chemistry Equipment Kit Review by
I was impressed by the quality of the items included and how versatile this kit is. We are looking forward to many years of fun and learning using it.
Chemistry Kit Review by
This is a great. We have had great success. We have done experiments and so easy to use. It made my son feel like a real scientest.
Great Homeschool Chemistry Kit! Review by
This kit is great for homeschool experiments. I ordered it as a birthday gift for my 9 year old son, who is a science whiz. It contains good quality supplies, at a very reasonable price.
Basic Chemisty Kit Review by
I have used this kit several times now, and I highly recommend it! The kit contains all the items needed for basic experiments for elementary chem, and the materials are of good quality. I am using it with Real Science For Kids, and even though I could use around-the-house objects instead of real lab equipment, using the kit adds an element of fun and importance to the labs... not to mention easy set-up and clean-up for mom!
Excellent quality! Review by
Perfect for my budding chemists. Ordered a set for each of them. Thanks.
Great quality Review by
I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the included pieces in this kit. All of it was heavy duty high quality equipment. For the price you cannot beat it.
My 10yo loved this product! Review by
My son is 10 1/2 years old and he loves this chemistry set. It was one of his favorite Christmas presents.
It's Pretty Good. Review by
This kit was pretty good it includes basic glassware several other equipment it is a awesome kit for the cheap price.
Chemistry Equipment Kit Review by
This kit includes most of the commonly used chemistry equipment. All of the included items are high-quality, especially the glassware.
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