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Apologia Chemistry Science Kit


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Quick Overview:
Here's the lab equipment you need for completing the experiments in Apologia's Exploring Creation with Chemistry, in one convenient kit.
Grades 9-12

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Apologia Chemistry Science Kit


Here's the lab equipment you need for completing the experiments in Apologia's Exploring Creation with Chemistry, in one convenient kit. Your chemistry study will be greatly enhanced by doing the 28 hands-on projects for this course. All you need to provide are some necessary household chemicals and materials. This kit works with 1st or 2nd editions. You save 10%!

Apologia Chemistry Science Kit

This kit includes the following items (download the kit order form to order individual or optional items):

  • Alcohol lamp stand
  • Alcohol lamp, wickless
    (buy ethyl alcohol fuel here)
  • Beaker, glass, 150 ml
  • Beaker, glass, 250 ml
  • Filter paper, 10/pkg
  • Funnel, plastic, 65 mm dia.
  • Graduated cylinder, glass, 50 ml
  • Graduated cylinder, poly, 50 ml
  • Litmus paper, blue, 100 strips
  • Litmus paper, red, 100 strips
  • Pipet (medicine dropper)
  • Platform scale, 450 g capacity
  • Safety goggles, full-size
  • Stirring rod, glass, 10"
  • Test tube brush
  • Test tubes, large 16x150 mm
  • Thermometer, Celsius, 12"
  • Watch glass, 100 mm diameter

While our kits conveniently contain most of the items you'll need to complete the labs, they do not include some common household items or more expensive items. Please see the kit order form for items you might wish to order separately. These items include a test tube rack, lab apron, safety gloves, and extra goggles if you have multiple students.

Customer Reviews
Excellent Kit Review by
It's a blessing to have these supplies available in one kit to make my planning and purchasing for our homeschool more convenient. The only item I would change out is the kitchen scale. I know that Apologia says that a kitchen scale is sufficient, but we found that the variability was just to great to provide meaningful results. We then purchased a digital scale from Home Science Tools (at a great price) which complemented this kit even better.
Another Winner! Review by
Our family has used Home Science Tools for many science projects- at home and for co-op classes. The Apologia Chemistry Kit is another winner for us. Containing the extra items we don't have at our house and making it financially feasible has given me a lot more confidence as a teacher at home and in co-op settings. Thank you Home Science Tools!!
So glad I don't have to hunt all these things down! Review by
My 11th grade son is studying Chemistry this year and using Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry. It is so nice to buy this set and not have to hunt down all these individual items in order to perform the experiments. Everything was well wrapped in the box and arrived perfectly! I would highly recommend this set. Great price too!
Convenience so I can do my job! Review by
The "everything in one place" nature of the Aplologia Science Kits provides convenience that is not a luxury in my realm of homeschool. I beleive the cost is relatively lower as well since you do nit have to purchase larger volumes of products that are otherwise not necessary to your family. And i would MUCH rather spend my precious resource of time on other matters than making lists and purchsing allmofmthese items! Bravo to the Kits!
Great set Review by
It is a great set to use for any lab experiments you use. The web site is easy to use and the quality is good for the cost.
Pleased Review by
I am pleased with the product that was shipped to me. It was convenient to have everything I needed in one place. The cost was less expensive than I found at other on-line stores for a comparable product.
Apologia Chemistry Set Review by
Home Science Tools was quick and efficient - GREAT SERVICE - site easy to use and the product I ordered was EXACTLY as pictured. Thanks!
Pretty good value Review by
The quality was mostly what I expected. However, the lamp and stand is something I'd change out. The burner itself isn't bad. It works and is very easy to figure out. But I think either the stand is too small for the lamp, or the lamp is too large for the stand. The flame burns too high, and as there is no way to turn down the heat, the flame stays well above the level of the stand. We left it burning for several minutes to try to see if the flame would die down a bit, but this did not happen. It's alarming, to say the least, and burns things much quicker than we need for the experiments. As it just doesn't seem safe to me (although it possibly is in fact very safe with proper precautions) and was burning too high, we ended up using our stove-top. We have a gas stove, so this worked out fine, and I liked it better than this set up. It's too bad, but I felt it was a complete waste of my money. If I would have realized the inefficient way these two items go together, I would have used my money on a better lamp and stand, or chosen to not spend it at all. Furthermore, I really wish the kit would have come with tongs, or at least a link to buy them separately (as was done with the test tube rack, lap apron, etc.) This is something I'd recommend adding to your list of things you may need to complete this kit. Overall, a pretty good value for my money.
Helpful Review by
This was extremely helpful to have all of the lab supplies for the Chemistry text available in one spot. Thank you!
Worth the purchase Review by
Kit was promptly shipped and was what I ordered. Now waiting to see how well my daughters use the items in the kit. Thanks!
Great Value!!! Review by
We are using this kit with Apologia Chemistry. We are pleased with the quality and value. Customer Service is great (one test tube was broken upon arrival). They promptly shipped us a new one! Fast shipping too! I wish they sold a "box" to store our new kit in. :)
Good product Review by
I purchased this to use for the Apologia Exploring Creation Through Chemistry course. Everything came, well packaged, in good shape. This set does not come with the alcohol for the burner, so get the separate. I did purchase 4-5 of the additional supplies that I might need, I was happy to see them on this site for a fair price.
chemistry kit Review by
Great deal for the money. Plan to use this with Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry. Good company to buy from, would buy again.
WONDERFUL Set ! Review by
THANK YOU for offering this kit for Apologia Chemmistry. It is nice to have your lab ready to go when lab class begins and the prep work is mostly done for you. Suggestion of adding test tube rack to set. Digital scale works better than the one purchased in set. Worth the extra pennies to have the right and good materials on hand for lab class.
Mostly satisfied Review by
Perhaps we purchased when the demands was high but out scale was not the one pictured. Everything else in the kit was perfect and of good quality, but we received a different scale that was cheap, poorly made, without any calibrating instructions and it broke before we could use it. Beyond that, everything else is of acceptable, lab-caliber quality and we are generally satisfied.
Wonderful Kit! Review by
This is a wonderful kit to use with Apologia Chemistry! The only thing I wish it had was a test tube holder. You can purchase one for under $5 and had I realized it, I wouldn't have to make an additional order.
Chemistry Kit Review by
Thanks you so much for putting these kits together. You make teaching Science more enjoyable to me and my son. Everything that is needed and at the best price.
Apologia Chemistry Kit Review by
The kit arrived today with all the parts safely shipped. Once again HST has the best prices on Apologia Kits.
Not complete Review by
The itmes in the kit are great to have on hand, but it is maybe half of what is needed for the course. Why not add the other items and sell a complete kit? Or at least offer a complete kit for sale. The scale is useless for chemistry as it doesn't hold "zero" consistently enough to calibrate. We ended up using my digital postal scale.
The Price is Right! Review by
I have purchased several kits for different Apologia Sciences from Home Science Tools and I haven't been disappointed. It was so much cheaper than ordering from another source. It's also easier to buy it as a kit than to have to go from site to site. The quality is good and the price is right.
I can do this! Review by
I love this kit. Everything I need for my students to do chemistry in a box. I looked at other similar kits and this was the best value as well. I am not a chemistry person and this kit just helped make my job less stressful and more enjoyable for my student. Thank you!
FAbulous Kit--everything we needed... Review by
I simply LOVE the Apologia Science kits put together by Home Science Tools! With them I am assured of having everything I need WHEN I need it...no running around town looking for the required tools. They totally take care of it for you. THANK YOU!!
Well Worth the Money Review by
I am leading a High School Chemistry Lab Co-op this year and needed several of these kits. They have worked out so well. It is well worth the money just in my time alone. I wish I would have just bought 4 of these kits from the beginning, instead of trying to collect all of the stuff from various sources.
In years past we've always done without these kits for Apologia science. We finally bought one this year and we'll never skip it again! My 15 year old was thrilled to have everything she needs ahead of time... and it makes her feel like a real chemist! My 12 year old can't wait to use the kit when the time comes. I appreciate that the kit came w/an order sheet so that I can replenish exactly what I need when my other two kids use it in the future.
Chemistry made easier! Review by
I was hoping to save money by purchasing everything separately at the teacher store in town. Not good for me.I have 6 children and many responsibilities. I purchased the kit and have not regretted it once. I like the fact it is all there in one box (a plastic shoe box we bought). My older teens can open the box and use what they need without me being responsible to find the stuff for them and think about it ahead of time. We didn't get the Physical Science kit last time and now I wished I had. I never had the stuff available for them when they needed it.Try a kit .. you will be glad you did.
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