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Chemistry Supplies

Chemistry Supplies

Lab equipment, chemicals, kits, and other supplies for chemistry experiments!

Chemistry is about the properties and composition of matter and the various states and changes matter undergoes. Whether you’re an experienced teacher, a hobbyist, an extra-curricular seeking student, professional lab technician, chemist, or whatever your chemistry needs may call for, here you’ll find the chemistry supplies, laboratory equipment, chemicals, and more for your chemistry experiments and scientific procedures.

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Lab Equipment

Get prepared for in-depth science experiments with all the essential laboratory tools: ring stands and accesso... Shop Now >>

Chemistry Kits

Experience chemistry in action with these kits! For older kids: the Chem C1000 or Chemistry of Food are great ... Shop Now >>

Alcohol Lamps & Burners

With easy-to-use wickless alcohol lamps and burners you'll get a hot, consistent flame. They're great for lab ... Shop Now >>


We supply a wide variety of chemicals in small quantities. Find chemicals to complete the labs in your curricu... Shop Now >>

Measurement Equipment

Thermometers and pipettes are essential equipment for many chemistry labs. Use one of the lab thermometers for... Shop Now >>

Glassware & Plasticware

Beakers, flasks, test tubes, and graduated cylinders are essential chemistry laboratory equipment. The ones yo... Shop Now >>

Chemistry Books & Models

Choose from experiment guides (like 150 Captivating Chemistry Experiments ), the handy Chemistry Quick Study g... Shop Now >>

Safety Equipment

If you're doing a lab that involves chemicals, protect yourself with the right safety equipment, from lab apro... Shop Now >>

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