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Cow Eye Dissection Kit


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Quick Overview:
Get an inside view of how the eye works.
Ages 12+

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Cow Eye Dissection Kit


Get an inside view of how the eye works! A cow eye dissection is a memorable way to learn about anatomy. This complete dissection kit comes with a preserved cow eye, an illustrated dissection guide, #22 broad-blade scalpel, scissors, and a sturdy disposable dissecting tray.

You'll get see how a cow's eye is like a human eye as you see parts from the iris and lens to the colorful choroid layer .

Note: You can order this dissection kit now even if you won't be using it until later in the school year. Specimens are initially preserved with a formaldehyde solution, the best animal tissue fixative. The formaldehyde is then displaced first with water and finally with a glycol solution to produce a moist, low-fume specimen which will not decay over time. Plan to use specimens within one year of purchase to ensure the best tissue quality. Specimen discoloration and dryness over time is normal and does not indicate decay.

Store your specimens at normal room temperature—refrigeration is not required. Storage in attics or garages at high temperatures will damage the specimens. Once opened, specimens can be resealed in a zip-lock bag to prevent them from drying out for later use.

Customer Reviews
Cow eye dissection kit Review by
This kit is high quality. I did this dissection with an elementary age homeschool co-op group. The eyes are good quality and the scalpels nice and sharp. You can do this dissection with just the scissors which is what the youngest students did.
Wonderful Review by
Wonderful learning tool & activity. The tools were very durable & helpful. The instructions were spot on & easy to follow & understand. The eye was good quality & well preserved. We didn't have to dissect as soon as it arrived. Great buy!
Cow EyeDissection Made Easy! Review by
This is a wonderful kit! The eye was very well preserved, and best of all, there was almost no odor! The scissors and scalpel were sharp and cut with ease. The dissection guide was very clear and easy to follow. My daughter loved this project and enjoyed seeing all of the parts of the eye. I highly recommend this product!
All Around Great Product Review by
Kit had everything that we could have needed. Used for a Pre-Optometry club meeting and all of the members loved it!
Cow eye dissection Kit Review by
This kit came quickly and had everything we needed for a top notch learning experience. Thank you.
Learn all about parts of the eye Review by
I used this kit with a nine, twelve, and thirteenth year old. It came with a great color pamphlet that explained every step in great detail and told the function of every part. The students really enjoyed taking out the lens and watching its magnification power as they put it over words. Then we compared it to the frog's lens from our other kit. This comes with everything you need to dissect.
Great starter Review by
This was a great starter for a small group of homeschoolers I work with. Thanks!
Great Starter! Review by
I purchased this kit for my 8 y.o. daughter. She is developing a hands-on interest for biology, and I was looking for something unconventional. I know, they dissect at high school, but for younger students that would be an experience to brag around. It took some preparation from my part (I was going to dissect the first time in my life, too) - I used a manual from this website, there are also videos on youtube; we played with a 'fake' eye, making an eye model from jello and ice. When the cow's eye arrived, my kid was already extremely excited. In some parts, the real eye was a little bit too tough for little hands, and I helped, but generally, my daughter was perfectly able to do the job herself. That was WOW! No, some of our friends are interested to try, too.
Great Item Review by
This dissection kit was perfect for our needs. It came with everything we needed. The kids will never forget what the lens of an eye looks like. This item made our study of eyes complete. The price was great.
Right on Time Review by
I loved how quickly I received the cow eye and it was just perfect for my kids to learn from. Thank you
I see how it sees Review by
Awesome! Great instructions -interesting - we used it with Bob Jones Biology.
Pretty Dang cool Review by
This was our first dissection and when it came the scissors had come out of the bag and poked the eye bag so the liquid was all over. But they sent new paperwork same day. SUPER customer service. This was alot of fun we found a video online to show the kids what they would be doing step by step along with the paperwork/link.
Science lovers enjoy Review by
My daughter loved this cow eye dissection kit. She wanted to see how it works and the enclosed instructions helped her discover just how cool science is!
fantastic project! Review by
i am a homeschool mom and i did this kit with 8 students ranging in age from 5-10. they each had their own kit and it was fabulous! i highly recommend it! the younger ones will need help, but the 8, 9, 10 yr olds can do it all by themselves. we actually read a book through the lense of the cow eye. fabulous!
Eye of a time Review by
The cow's eye was easy to work with and learning was so much fun. Our 4 biology students decided to share it with their 4H group to study for bowl practice.
So Cool Review by
We had a group of 11 kids ranging from 4-12 and 3 grosed out Mamas! We were all so glad we did this experiment with the kids! Brought it all to life. The eye was nice and not to smelly. Thanks for a great experience.
Awesome Review by
Simply awesome, got to learn a lot about the anatomy of the eye.
Wow. Great value. Review by
We ordered both the frog and cow eye kits. Both were great, but the cow eye was the biggest hit. The printed guide is excellent. The specimen was low odor, and was beautiful on the inside. My only regret was at this price, we should have ordered two so each child has his own eye to explore.
Would you believe beautiful?! Review by
We were feeling a bit squeamish about dissecting the eye, but were surprised by the inner beauty! Thank you for the pamphlet that let us know exactly what we were looking at and what it does.
Loved the eye dissection Review by
We are using the Bob Jones Grade 7 Life Science Curriculum. This dissection kit was very easy, simple to follow, and a great supplement to our sense organs unit. Thanks so much for this, and your other resources!!
cow eye Review by
This is a great way to learn about your eye and it's not hard on your wallet!!
eyeball Review by
This is a great product! I have done this with each of my children. I am a homeschooling mom and really love to find easy to use, everything included sets like this!
Exactly what we needed! Review by
The cow eyes for our dissection arrived extremely quickly. I used the eyes last year for the first time. They were just as expected this year. The kids LOVE this dissection, and the ease and look of your specimens is fantastic. Thanks for making them affordable and convenient.
Amazing! Review by
The step by step instructions were easy to understand and very helpful!
Excellent kit! Review by
I am a home school mom, teaching a kindergarten and 1st grade student. This kit was extremely helpful in teaching the parts of the eye. Before we got the kit we were just using pictures and drawings of the eye. They understand the parts and how they work together so much better now. The guide was very easy to understand and follow. I was very surprised that it didn't have any kind of smell. I would recommend this to everyone.
Perfect for kids of all ages Review by
We purchased this for my daughter's 7th birthday. The guide was easy to follow and the specimen was in excellent condition. With assistance, she was able to view all parts of the eye. The lens was was just as described in the guide. There was no obnoxious smell.
Great product Review by
The product was perfect for our science class. The students enjoyed the hands-on experience, and the product arrived in a timely fashion.
Just what the teacher ordered! Review by
This was beautifully put together and made our study of the eye so much more interesting.
A big hit! Review by
As part of a Science Day event for a local grade school, I did a couple of cow eye dissections. Such fun! Everyone learned a lot and had a great time. This kit is excellent!
Great project Review by
Our 8 students, 5th-8th grade, enjoyed the project. The specimens were very well preserved with only a slight odor. The student's WOW overcame their EW as they followed the good directions and graphics for the dissection. A very positive learning experience.
Great item! Review by
The eyes are in good condition and the easy to follow directions give an excellent demonstration lesson in class. I have used these items many times in my classroom with very good results each year. They can be stored on a shelf for months before using.
awesome experience Review by
I truly recommend this kit, which comes with everything you need to perform the cow eye dissection, including step by step instructions. Very informative and educational, and the price can't be beat! And super-fast shipping! I will definitely use your products in the future.
Cow Eye Review by
Wonderful dissection kit. My daughters were so fascinated with the cow eye. My children have been doing biology and animal dissection throughout the summer and they have really enjoyed it. They really don't realize that they are doing Science work for school. To them it is just amazing fun! My kids love homesciencetools. They are constantly looking through the catalog wish for everything in it! Way to go homesciencetools!
What a hit! Review by
The cow eye dissection kit was wonderful. It has everything you need -- cow eye, tools, and dissection guide. I also purchased disposable gloves for each child. Eight children and their moms participated in a dissection class at my house. A kit was ordered for each child. The children were fascinated and loved the experience. The parents were amazed at how much we learned in one class. I definitely plan on ordering more dissection kits from your company. Thanks.
Kids Loved Them! Review by
I purchased this kit and 15 eyes for my daughter's fourth grade science teacher. The class had planned to do a virtual dissection, but nothing is quite like the real thing. A quote from the teacher: "I have never seen such joy and excitement among the students. . . It was AWESOME". I highly recommend this for school or home use, but do suggest purchasing a stronger tray for repeat use.
Here's Looking At You Review by
The preserved eye was in excellent condition and the guide very helpful. I was a little disappointed with the dissection tray. I bought the kit hoping that the tray was reusable for other planned dissections. Unfortunately it was a Styrofoam tray and will not last long.
Eye see you!!! Review by
My son wasn't in to dissection and really didn't want to do it, but he needed to in order to pass his test. I bought this kit to help him prepare for his big day. At first he was alittle skittish but a few min in to it and he was having a ball! He found all of the different eye parts with the instructions very easily. He enjoyed it so much we have plans on buying the rest of the dissection collection. Thanks!
Awesome Cow eyes Review by
I've been wanting to do this for a couple of years. The kids were both thrilled and grossed out. Very well preserved, tools were good. Clear instructions, too. Very satisfied
Very kewl! Review by
Got this as a gift for my 7 yr old nephew, who had been asking for it for months. He is totally excited about it, though his mom isn't. He he he. My son has volunteered to do the disection with nephew. Eye looks to be in great condition and the kit is awesome. Shipping was super fast. What an awesome learning opportunity! Found tons of info on line about the disection as well. I'm sure, we'll be back to "home science tools" when he wants his next specimen.
Mmm...Cow eyes! Review by
The eye was in excellent condition. The tools were first rate as were the instructions. Everything we needed to make an icky homeschool day (for mom anyway) a lot easier! I remember my first whiff of formaldahyde...
cow eye Review by
The eye was in very good condition and the dissection guide very helpful.
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