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Daphnia Instant Culture Kit


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Quick Overview:
Hatch your own culture of live daphnia by adding spring water to the dormant eggs in this kit.
Ages 8+

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Daphnia Instant Culture Kit


Hatch your own culture of live daphnia by adding spring water to the dormant eggs in this kit. Daphnia is a tiny crustacean with a transparent body that allows you to observe its heart beating. It can also be used to feed hydra. Comes with approximately 30 eggs.

Customer Reviews

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Unexpected Review by
We also got triops and brine shrimp, the instructions say to remove triops as they will kill the daphnia, but I couldn't tell what the little things were until they were bigger -- and even then, I'd never seen live triops or daphnia so didn't want to pull the out without being certain.

So what we got was three triops and a brine shrimp hanging out in there for a super long time; eventually all of those died out, and then -- daphnia! It was a big surprise, suddenly we had daphnia and they were reproducing.

Now it's four months later, and I have a jar of daphnia with a lot of algae growing in it. They've created a little balanced environment in the Ball jar, they keep producing new batches, you can see them as tiny specks and grown adults.

Two factors -- we actually split the package, which it said not to do, but I was unsure how our well water would do so I cheated a little. That may be why we had no daphnia at first?

Also, it was cooler at first, they may have hatched when the house got warmer.
its cool but... Review by
Its cool but I didn't get any daphnia but I got tons of fairy shrimp and triops.
Facinating Review by
This culture of Dphnia is the most awsome thing i have ever seen! Instead of searching in water samples for micrscopic life, (which can be fun in its own right)you have only to dip your pipet into the culture and voila! You can observe the movements and curious behavior and interactions bewteen animals that no body else can see!Absolutely amazing.

3 Item(s)

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