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    What People Are Saying

  • Sarah
  • 09/06/2016
  • This scale was perfect for any science experiments!
    Works great!
  • Camroc
  • 01/16/2015
  • Came calibrated almost perfectly. It measures in many different systems. If you don't have calibration weights, find a household item with a definite weight (look up online, ex. 47g, not 47.56)
    Digital Scale
  • James N.
  • 09/23/2014
  • First off this scale is dead accurate. I find the accuracy to be +/- 0.1 g which is more than acceptable in most situations. It's also easy to calibrate, but to do this you need a 2000 g calibration weight or several calibration weights that add up to 2000 g. I was able to make my own calibration weight for the time being using a glass 600 ml beaker filled with some 0.177 zinc plated BBs until I get my calibration weights in the mail. The calibration will be successful when it says "PASS" otherwise it will keep flashing the required calibration weight. This scale can measure in grams, ounces, troy ounces, and pennyweight however I mainly use grams and troy ounces. I love the fact that is has a tare feature which has come in handy for me verifying silver coin weights with the coin being in a plastic capsule. All I need to do is take the weight of a specific empty capsule and then place the coin and that same capsule together on the scale and it can figure out the weight of jus...

    science gift selector tool

    Digital Scale, 2000 g x 0.1 g

    Ages 13+

    Item# BS-DB2000

    MSRP $69.95
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    Product Overview
    This new digital scale will meet all your home science needs.
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      Digital Scale, 2000 g x 0.1 g

      This large digital scale will meet all your home science needs! It is easier and faster to use than a mechanical balance, which greatly reduces your preparation and lab time. This scale has a 2000 g capacity with a 0.1 g sensitivity. It is ideal for most junior high and high school science courses, including chemistry. It features a 5"-diameter pan, large high-contrast display, backlight, automatic tare feature, keypad calibration, and a non-removable hinged protective cover and it weighs in grams, ounces, troy-ounces, and pennyweight. Includes four AA batteries. Five-year warranty from Home Science Tools. Calibration weights not included.

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