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Dissection Kit Advanced

Item# DE-KIT02

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Quick Overview:
This complete dissection kit is great for anatomy studies.
Ages 12+

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Shipping Note: This item contains preserved specimens and only ships to the 50 US states with Economy, Ground or Express shipping options.

Dissection Kit Advanced

Item# DE-KIT02

This complete dissection kit is great for anatomy studies! Nine preserved animal specimens, our 17-piece dissection tool set, a reusable dissecting pan, and How to Dissect by William Berman are included in this kit. The 223-page book clearly illustrates and explains how to dissect everything except the Grantia specimen. All of the specimens are plain without colored latex injection.

Note: You can order this dissection kit now even if you won't be using it until later in the school year. Specimens are initially preserved with a formaldehyde solution, the best animal tissue fixative. The formaldehyde is then displaced first with water and finally with a glycol solution to produce a moist, low-fume specimen which will not decay over time. Plan to use specimens within one year of purchase to ensure the best tissue quality. Specimen discoloration and dryness over time is normal and does not indicate decay.

Store your specimens at normal room temperature—refrigeration is not required. Storage in attics or garages at high temperatures will damage the specimens. Once opened, specimens can be resealed in a zip-lock bag to prevent them from drying out for later use.

Advanced Dissection Kit

  • fetal pig (7-9"+)
  • frog (3"+)
  • perch (5-7")
  • crayfish (3-4")
  • earthworm (6-8")
  • clam (3-4")
  • starfish (3-5")
  • grasshopper
  • Grantia (sponge)
Customer Reviews
Dissection Kit Review by
Great kit - we ordered it to use with Bob Jones Biology - everything we needed was included plus extras! We were concerned that once we opened the kit the smell would be strong for storing the unused specimens but it isn't strong at all. You may want to order extra pins though - it takes a lot to hold open specimen for exploration. We are very happy with the quality.
Shocking -- but good Christmas present Review by
My daughter was not expecting this for a Christmas present, however, she has now started using it. The tool kit is of nice quality and the specimens are packaged very well. She started with the fish. She wishes the diagrams for dissection were a little more clear, but she was just interested in getting started rather than reading the little chapter about what to do.
Great Kit for the Biology Enthusiast Review by
I ordered this kit as a gift for my zoologist-wannabe daughter, and I was thrilled to see her reaction. Not only are there plenty of varied specimens to study, but the guidebook and tools are all there. I ordered a set of extra pins, and she is on her way to a better understanding of animal anatomy. Thanks for such a comprehensive offering. :)
My Son Will Love This Review by
This is a gift for my son and I am sure he will love this. The quality of the items in this kit are top notch and at a reasonable price. Thank you for the speedy service.
Excited Review by
Me and my children are so excited to start! they have already been looking through the book! We are so looking forward to Science this year! Thanks!
Another great purchase Review by
Wow!This is a great item!!Home school science is a blast!Sets arefantastic and well worth every penny. My student is happy and very fasinated and completely enjoys science. Thank You for the great purchase.
Advanced Dissection Kit Review by
This Kit is awesome. It really is. As I homeschool, I look for products which not only have great visuals but hands on. This kit does just that. This kit was sooo interesting that other family members AND friends were getting involved with the learning process. As for the older graduated ones, is was a re-learning experience as well. I would recommend this kit to ANY homeschooling family without a doubt!
Great Package Review by
The collection of specimens is great. It offers a simple beginning and a more challlenging progression. The included tools are well made and nicely packaged. I highly recommend to any budding biologist!
Quality Product Review by
I ordered this kit for my 10th grade biology students, and was amazed at the quality of the specimens included in the kit. This was my first time using Home Training Tools, but will certainly not be the last.
No Sponge... Review by
This was great, and fun... But had came with no sponge.
Quick and Accurate Review by
Came very quickly and just as shown on the website. Kids were so excited they wanted to open it right then and there and start their class. Will be ordering more in the future. Thank you for the quick delivery and awesome product!
Our homeschool group purchased this dissection kit as the grand prize in our Science Fair. My 10-year-old son won it and has lived and breathed dissection for the past two weeks! He's not just dissecting; he's reading about the animals, the tools, the procedures. This affordable kit opens wide the possibility in science to young minds!
What a bargain! Review by
This is a high quality kit! The tools are sturdy. The dissection tray holds up lab after lab. The many specimens are in perfect condition. The variety kept my students' interest for many labs. Because of the price, I am able to offer a high quality 'class' to my children/students! I've ordered from Home Science Tools a few times. The shipping is always fast, and I'm never missing anything. It always comes packaged well.
Terrific Product!! Review by
I used these dissection kits with my oldest daughters and a co-op class a few years ago and have now ordered (and promptly received!) more kits for another co-op that my next set of high schoolers will use. The sets are complete, the specimens are preserved very well and do not have overpowering odors, the dissection tools are of excellent quality, and the dissection guide book is AWESOME! The first time I ordered these kits, I was so nervous about being able to really help my kids understand and perform the dissections. NO worries, though, as the book explains everything you need to know! Thanks, Home Science Tools, for making homeschool science so easy to teach.
Truly...Satisfaction Guaranteed! Review by
I was so pleased with the prompt shipping and quality of the product when received. My daughter has been anxious to get started on dissecting and, although I was a little hesitant with the fetal pig, the condition of the specimens and helpful instructions made the process easy and informative. I love to see the excitement on my daughter's face at the prospect of experimentation. Thanks to your quality products, I look forward to seeing that excitement again and again.
A Great Deal and a Wonderful Kit! Review by
My 6 and 9 year old girls had been asking to dissect a frog, because they had done it online. I was *sure* this would prove to be too messy, too smelly, and far too expensive to just do for fun. Imagine our delight when we found this amazing, affordable kit! Perfect! The specimens require almost no "extra" care (ie freezing, etc), it came quickly, the tools are good and *work*, and the dissection book gave me the step-by-step instructions to guide them through the dissections. Highly recommended!
"Awesome!!" - He actually said that out loud. Review by
We took our son out of public school this year, and it's too cool to be able to do hands on, authentic, science class stuff at the kitchen table. The only thing I would recommend is buying an extra box of T-pins. They sell those too.
I was very surprised with the quality of this kit. I expected cheap instruments but instead received high quality stainless steel instruments. The dissecting pan is very durable and holds the specimen in place very well. The specimens were also much better than expected, very well preserved with very low oder. My 8 year old daughter has requested more specimens to dissect. This is a great way to get your kids involved in science and have fun together.
A Great Product for Dissection Education!! Review by
This dissection kit is perfect for helping students to see and understand the variances between body systems and structures. The variety of well preserved and prepared specimens allows students to compare and contrast anatomical structure and function among many different species. The tools in the kit are of high quality and are perfect for performing necessary tasks. The text is informative and procedures are outlined in easy-to-follow format which enables the student and teacher to proceed with confidence in what they are doing. I plan to order kits for each of my students to use in the coming months in my anatomy and physiology class. Truly a great product for the money!
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