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Earthworm, 8-10", plain specimen


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Quick Overview:
Study the digestive, circulatory, reproductive, and nervous system of the earthworm.
Ages 12+

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Earthworm, 8-10", plain specimen


Study the digestive, circulatory, reproductive, and nervous systems of the earthworm. Plain (not injected) preserved dissection specimen. Earthworm species is Lumbricus terrestris (nightcrawler).

Note: Specimens are initially preserved with a formaldehyde solution, the best animal tissue fixative. The formaldehyde is then displaced first with water and finally with a glycol solution to produce a moist, low-fume specimen which will not decay over time. Plan to use specimens within one year of purchase to ensure the best tissue quality. Specimen discoloration and dryness over time is normal and does not indicate decay.

Store your specimens at normal room temperature—refrigeration is not required. Storage in attics or garages at high temperatures will damage the specimens. Once opened, specimens can be resealed in a zip-lock bag to prevent them from drying out for later use.

Customer Reviews
nice worm Review by
great price, nice product!
Great teaching Worms Review by
My kids are 10 and 11 and really enjoyed dissecting these worms. The chemical that preserves them did not have a strong odor and the worms were big enough for us to identify the internal and external parts. We used the dissection guide from homesciencetools.com to help us through the process and it was invaluable.
Really Big Worms Review by
These worms are really huge...for a worm, of course. They will be easy to dissect and the organs should be large enough for my high school freshmen to find and label. Thank you for the quick shipping too!
Almost what we expected Review by
The only thing that shocked us about this was that it arrived...wet. When you see the picture on the internet it looks like it will be rubbery but basically dry. It is sealed nice in a package but in the package there is liquid. This really made us go, "eww." It arrived as promised. We haven't done anything with it yet but are happy with the purchase. The price, time to get it and it being what was advertised, A+.
Excellent Review by
HST specimens are consistently of better quality and size then other suppliers. Customer service is the best in the business and shipping times are the fastest also!
Perfect Condition Review by
These worms were great for our 5th & 6th graders first time dissecting. They were easy to cut into and the organs were easy to see. The shipping time was also great. We will be ordering more from this company for sure!
Earthworm Dissection Review by
By carefully dissecting this earthworm, you can view its digestive, circulatory, reproductive, and nervous systems. Purchase the guide and dissection tools separately, and be sure to add extra pins, as they are invaluable. Dissection teaches attention to detail, careful following of directions, and respect for the life of the specimen. It is truly wondrous to see how intricate even the lowly earthworm is. Recommended.
Nice specimen Review by
It was a thick earthworm which made it easier to dissect and study its organs.
good buy Review by
Very glad I ordered this product. Dissection went very well with the kids ages 5-12.
It was awesome! Review by
I teach 15 students at a small homeschool class and we had a lot of fun. THis was their intro to dissection. It went well. Not smelly - I really liked that! THank you
earthworm Review by
awesome specimin
great product Review by
everything as described - very pleased!
great worms! Review by
The worms that we got were wonderful. They were well preserved and very big. The kids had a great time and were able to find everything.
worm Review by
I ordered 4 different specimens separately because I already had a disecting kit. My worm was super long and well preserved. The shipping was fast and efficient.
Good size but Dried Out Review by
Great size to work with but a bit dried out and stiff to work with. Hard to cut open and see the inside. Used for Apologia Biology.

HST ADDS: We guarantee our specimens for one year from purchase. If your purchase date was within a year, please call customer service at 1-800-860-6272 for a refund or replacement.
Co-op Teacher Review by
I just had to write and let you know how impressed I was with the earthworm specimen. I ordered for a co-op and the students were able to see even the tiniest structures like the ganglia on your specimen. For many of these high-schoolers, this was the first experience with dissection and the earthworm was easy to cut and easy to see the organs. The specimen had a low odor, too. It was a positive experience for all!
A Little Difficult Review by
Although this is considered the "beginner" dissection in the book "How to Dissect", I've found the dissection a little difficult because of the worm's small size. I've finally set it aside, sealed in a plastic ziplock bag, and I am intending to come back to it after I have some dissection experience with larger specimens, such as a frog.
Worms Review by
Though the prices were cheapest in comparison with other sites and companies, some of the worms we ordered were dried out and unusable. I was disappointed. [Home Science Tools adds: if your specimens are unusable like this, please call us at 800-860-6272 and we will be happy to help!]
wonderful Review by
I was very impressed with the worm. I have ordered from other companies and had the worm arrive dry and difficult to dissect... not so with this one! It was perfect, easy to cut and easy to see the organs.
The Perfect Worm! Review by
We had never ordered from your site before until we needed a worm for our Annelid unit. The worm specimen sent was the perfect size for seeing all we had studied! It also was practically odorless once we got started! We were very satisfied customers! Thanks! We'll definitely use you again for future science projects!
Great! Review by
True to the reviews the smell was not that bad. I dissected the worms with four set of 32 kids at a time. With two doors open there was no residual smell once all the worms and supplies were disposed of and cleaned. Worked out well. The guide was helpful but would have been better if it included more details about the reproductive organs and how to find the locations by counting the segments.
Wonderful Wigglers Review by
Like most of the comments above, these earthworms were great for our dissection! We even had some five year-old kiddos dissecting and they loved being able to see the various organs with these earthworms! They were not smelly or difficult to deal with at all- Thanks!
Earthworm dissection Review by
Our Apologia class dissected earthworms that I purchased from Home Science Tools. They were very easy for the students to work with and the internal parts were very visable. Thanks for making our dissection a successful and interesting learning experience.
Great Specimen Review by
I was very pleased with the large size of these earthworms. They were well preserved, did not have a strong odor and the organs were easy to find and identify.
But we thought it needed to be DEAD! Review by
I purchased this well in advance of needing it in our science curriculum. It was a HUGE earth worm, so it would have made a great specimen for dissection. Unfortunately, when we finally got to the lesson that required a worm, we discovered that we were to do the experiment with a LIVE worm (don't worry, no cutting or otherwise mishandling of the worm was required). Dang, I would have much preferred working with the dead one!!
Nerve Structure Visible Review by
These are some of the largest and best preserved specimens I have found anywhere. The students are able to see the inside structures very well. Odor was minimal.
Earth Worms Review by
Large and preserved well. Worms used from elsewhere were dried and small, but these were very good quality.
Fun! Review by
Good sized worms - used for my 7th graders and the kids were able to see all the organs very well - it's impressive to see that worms are more than just 'goo' inside! This was their first dissection and they loved it! I love HST's service and products!
Great earthworms! Review by
Earthworms were large - organs easily viewable. Great for jr. high level!
good first dissection Review by
The earthworms were in good condition, not smelly at all, and large enough to see the anatomy pretty well. My boys are 11 and 12, and neither wanted to dissect anything, but both found the dissection very interesting once they got started.
Huge Worms Review by
I ordered these worms in addition to the lubber grasshoppers and my students were impressed with the huge size of these worms. Dissection was a breeze and the organs were extremely visible because of the size, preservation method, and the overall great condition of the specimens.
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