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Elements Photo Chart, Laminated


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Quick Overview:
With this fascinating photographic "placemat" size periodic table, your students will want to study the elements.
Ages 8+

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Elements Photo Chart, Laminated


With this fascinating photographic "placemat" size periodic table, your students will want to study the elements! With images of the elements and some of the scientists who discovered them, this laminated chart makes each one memorable. The name, symbol, and atomic number are included for each element. Includes Darmstadtium and Roentgenium (110 and 111).

Detailed Specifications 10" x 20".
Customer Reviews
Laminated Elements Photo Chart Review by
This is a durable, attractive chart with all the details of the elements you need: name, symbol, and atomic number. The bonus are the photographs; they are visually striking and pull you into learning. On the back of the chart are stories and tidbits of information about each element. I recommend this chart to anyone learning chemistry, or anyone interested in science in general.
Great! Review by
Great poster! This poster has great quailty and a perfect display addition!
college dorm gift Review by
My son's girlfriend started college this year and is struggling in chemistry. I suprised her by mailing the placemat size chart to her dorm room. It brings beautiful images to mind when studying chemistry, looks cool on her wall and helps her remember how much we love her.
Great visuals Review by
I ordered this with some chemistry supplies for my 11yo son. He's prone to your usual 11yo eye-rolling when I present him with something I think is really cool, but he was just as thrilled with this chart as I was. He even declared it "really neat."
"Easy Learning"! Review by
Getting in every subject is hard, especially when teaching a number of students. A method that I like to use as "preliminary teaching" is to provide games, posters, etc that my children like to use/read on their own time....and placemats are a great way to "give off" some science facts. We enjoy our 'Elements Placemat' as a forerunner to the periodic chart chemistry/use. Great for visual learners! The back of the placemat is full of interesting facts on the elements - a bit of history, uses, etc that help it apply to everyday life. Great learning tool.....great preparation for chemistry AND great review as you teach chemistry.
Element chart Review by
This element chart is great with the pictures, because it makes it more realistic. It gives meaning to each element than just a mere word. I can't wait to use this in my future science classroom.
Elements Chart Review by
This is a very cool periodic table. The pictures are nice and make it very interesting to look at.
Everyone loves this Review by
The pictures are good, and it's really helpful for the elements that you don't know very well. I'm such a science geek that I keep bringing it out and showing it to people; my next-door neighbor, the high school science teacher, thought it was great and pointed out how well it shows how many elements are metals. The atomic weight is now listed on the back, rather than the front, but that's a really minor point. (I also noticed the Hydrogen image is a famous NASA photograph. Cool.)
VERY COOL! Review by
I purchased this to compliment my 15 year old's chemistry curriculum. My whole family thinks it is so cool, that we keep it in the kitchen, rather than at my daughter's desk with her school supplies. Far more interesting and memorable than the basic periodic table. We LOVE it!
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