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Exploring Creation with Astronomy


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Quick Overview:
This great course in the Young Explorer series from Apologia, Exploring Creation with Astronomy, is designed by homeschool mom Jeannie Fulbright, and covers a year of science.
Grades 2-6

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Exploring Creation with Astronomy


Looking for a science curriculum to use with your elementary-age kids? This great course in the "Young Explorer" series from Apologia, Exploring Creation with Astronomy, is designed by homeschool mom Jeannie Fulbright, and covers a year of science. You'll start with an overview chapter on "What Is Astronomy?" and then examine the sun, planets, earth, moon, asteroids and comets, stars and galaxies, space travel and more in the other 13 units. Includes hands-on science projects (like demonstrating an eclipse and making a rocket), extra assignments incorporating other subjects, and comprehension questions. There's no workbook, but students can keep notebooks of their observations. Full-color illustrations. Written at a 4th grade level. Hardcover.

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Customer Reviews
This is wonderful...exactly what I was looking for! Review by
My 6 year old daughter and I love science time now! This curriculum is just what I was looking for. I like the Christian perspective, as well as the scientist perspective all in one. Wonderful! The terms used are easy for the parent and student to learn and yet very informative information. Very well writen, easy to read. The projects are so FUN! I also like that you can work the program at your own pace. My daughter wants to keep going after each lesson. Sometimes it's even hard for me to put it down. Highly recommend. Your students will have so much fun and they will love to learn.
We couldn't put it down Review by
My 6-year-old son's fascination with astronomy prompted me to purchase this book, and boy were we impressed! Every time we sat down to read it or do the projects and activities, his eyes just lit up -- he always wanted to do more! And I so appreciated the Christian perspective. When we visited a planetarium and a film shown there referenced "billions of years ago..." my son was quick to point out, "That's not right, God made the solar system." I'll keep using this series as long as I can!
AWESOME Review by
I pulled my 2nd grader out of public school after Christmas break. I have never homeschooled. A friend of mine emailed me what she taught for her kids. She started Astronomy with her kids when they were in 2nd grade. Not ever having seen the book or anything, I wasn't sure what to expect. But I just bought what was on her list. When I got it in the mail, I just didn't know what to say. FINALLY someone has it right! This book is beyond words. I love the layout, the projects, and all the really interesting facts in each chapter. There is no set lesson for each day. But I find myself reading on the couch or outside with my girls. I would read a chapter or two, and my girls would say, "MORE MORE!!!" I will be buying everything from this curriculum from now on. I bought the kit that went with it and it is worth it. I rate this 5 out of 5 stars. These books makes learning so much fun!
Such a great curriculum! Review by
My daughter really enjoyed this book! She learned (and retained!) a lot. I will definitely use this again with my younger children. Be sure to check the publishers site for downloadable notebook pages!
Great Product! Review by
We just finished with the first lesson and the first project and my kids loved it. They were so bored with our other science lessons and I was tired of searching for all the necessary stuff to go along with the projects. I would highly recommend this curriculum and get the recommended kit to go along with it. It's great.
Kids love it Review by
So far my kids love this! I like it to. We learn so many wonderful things. I'm in awe of God's amazing creation! What a great break from the boring fill in the blank workbooks I made them do last year.
Exploring Creation with Astronomy Review by
Excellent for family learning. Interesting for a wide range of ages. Experiments were such effective illustrations of the concepts being taught. Easy preparation for teacher. I appreciated that the book was a tribute to the Creator.
Another Love It! Review by
This was our first lower level Apologia Science book and we loved it! Jeanne Fulbright has created the perfect set of books to bring science alive for elementary students, and at the same time, as a parent, I have learned so much! We have ordered another one in the series and are eagerly anticipating starting it as soon as it arrives.
Love it! Review by
You can see that we are not alone in voicing our wonderful praise for Exploring Creation with Astronomy. My child's favorite section of the book, so far, is of the meteor, Kleopatra. Fantastic Book!!!!!
At long last!!! Review by
I have been searching for an engaging, informative, accessible science curriculum for my 8 year old son, and I finally found it. We finished our first Astronomy lesson today and I am very pleased with the information in the book as well as the kit for the projects. I love projects, but detest running around looking for the little things we might need. It is a huge blessing to have everything at our fingertips. What a blast this learning thing is!
Fabulous!!! Review by
We are absolutely delighted with this book!! My children are so excited to study God's creation and to dig into the hands on projects! The Charlotte Mason approach is wonderful for the reluctant learner and the unit study approach has peeked my children's interest. It is such a blessing to have the kids excited about learning science! Thanks so much.
Exploring Creation with Astronomy Review by
this was a perfect curriculum for my kid this year, she loved it
A Blessing! Review by
We are using Jeannie Fulbright's Exploring Creation with Astronomy right now with my 7 year old daughter and 4 year old boy. We are having so much fun. The children's notebooks are just precious. They are so excited about what they are learning. They even took their notebooks to Grandpa and Grandma's house to show them their work! The text is written in a "curl up on the couch with the children" style and it is so enjoyable. It is also scientifically sound. I love this curriculum. I like the fact that I don't have a lot of prep work to do. We purchased the science kit sold by Home Science Tools and it is so easy to just grab what we need a few minutes before lesson time. I highly recommend this curriculum.
Exploring Creation with Astronomy Review by
Because I love teaching Science, I had just about every book written on Astronomy for children. Then I found Apologia! Now I need just the one. Jeannie Fulbright does a wonderfully thorough job explaining our Universe in great detail, yet on a level children understand. Her experiments, use of a journal and projects make the solar system come to life! I was amazed at how much I learned along with the children. This will be all you need to teach Astronomy.
I'm learning as much as the kids are! Review by
Look no further than the fabulous elementary series from Apologia. The author does a remarkable job of providing experiements and projects that make understanding how our solar system works so easy. We are truly enjoying this book and you will, too.
astronomy Review by
My third grade son used this curriculum with his co-op group. Each week after class he told me all the things he had been learning and was fascinated by the material. The text was challenging for him yet simple enough to understand once his reading ability improved. By the end of the year he was reading the chapter on his own and writing a summary. The text is written to the student, so interest and understanding is high.
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