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Frog Dissection Kit


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Quick Overview:
Get everything you need for dissecting a frog.
Ages 12+

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Shipping Note: This item contains preserved specimens and only ships to the 50 US states with Economy, Ground or Express shipping options.

Frog Dissection Kit


Get everything you need for dissecting a frog! This complete dissection kit comes with an extra-large preserved grass frog (double-injected so you can clearly see veins and arteries) plus all the dissection tools you need: illustrated dissection guide, #22 broad-blade scalpel, scissors, plastic forceps, pins, and a dissecting tray.

Note: Specimens are initially preserved with a formaldehyde solution, the best animal tissue fixative. The formaldehyde is then displaced first with water and finally with a glycol solution to produce a moist, low-fume specimen which will not decay over time. Plan to use specimens within one year of purchase to ensure the best tissue quality. Specimen discoloration and dryness over time is normal and does not indicate decay.

Store your specimens at normal room temperature—refrigeration is not required. Storage in attics or garages at high temperatures will damage the specimens. Once opened, specimens can be resealed in a zip-lock bag to prevent them from drying out for later use.

Customer Reviews
only two problems Review by
The kit was great but my daughter and I had trouble pushing the pins into the foam and the frog we got was female and very messy. My daughter said the frog at school was a boy and not as messy. Overall the experience was great.
Huge Frog Review by
We ordered this frog for our homeschool science project to see inside organs. We are really studying the human body, but obviously that wasn't an option (nor did we want to do that). I have a 12, 10, and 7 yr. old. All girls. One wasn't too excited about doing it, but very interested in watching. We invited a couple of friends over that had two boys 10 and 7 and a little girl 5yrs. old. All were really interested in watching, but really the two 10 yr. olds did all the cutting. We were surprised that my 10 yr. old daughter was the most interested and was still studying the frog 30 min. after we were done. I was VERY impressed at it's size and how well you could find everything inside, I'm sure due to the dye. And they give you everything you need to do the project. I think next time when we order something though we will order the actual dissection kit separate as the board the frog gets dissected on is like and egg carton, that material, and isn't very thick so the pins, unless you put them at a very laid down angle, didn't want to stay. Overall it was a great learning tool and we will certainly order from them again. My daughter is wanting to do the fish next. We all decided that the pig is too cute and we couldn't bring ourselves to do that one :-).
Frog Dissection Kit Review by
Kit was ordered for 10 year old boy. Product came quickly and was well received by recipient of gift.
Great learning experience Review by
It was an excellent specimen. Had a set of very nice tools. Came with everything to teach my homeschooled 4th grader about the anatomy of a frog
great look at a frog Review by
This frog was much larger than the ones I dissected in school, which made viewing the parts easy for a nine, twelve, and thirteen year old. This kit came with everything you need, including a color pamphlet with great directions and functions of all parts. The students even dissected the eye and compared its lens to that of the lens in the cow eye kit. Only complaint is that the pins didn't want to stick into Styrofoam so that made dissecting a little tricky as frog kept moving around a bit.
frog dissection Review by
Everything we needed was in the kit. The directions were easy to follow. This made a very enjoyable as well as educational experience. I would definitely order from this site again.
Frog Dissection Kit Review by
We were very excited about these kits. Although there was some latex overflow, it was easily cleared away from the insertion point. The guides were easy to follow and students were able to identify all the major organs without problems. The specimen were well preserved and arrived VERY quickly! Will definitely be making this a permanent addition to my curriculum.
Caution Review by
Great color and good size. Awsome value overall. Becareful, because I ordered 3 frogs and all of them were females. They do not give you the option for male or female. I would not buy this kit again only because female frogs are very messy.
Frog Dissection Kit Review by
I was VERY surprised when we received the package. The frog is preserved wonderfully and the packaging is great. This is a gift for my kids who love science. Well worth it!
Frog Dissection Review by
The kit was great. We had trouble with the pins on the styrofoam, but no other problems. They shipped promptly. They were well put together. Thank you!!
Dissection Kit Review by
Recieved the frog kit. I like the way it was packaged. Had everything in it. It was easy to work with and not smelly at all. I would order from this company again. Thank you!
My Frog!! Review by
When I got this frog it was a lot bigger than I thought! There was barely any smell and it was so easy to dissect! Te handbook was really useful and it just went through very detailed step by step instructions. It took awhile to ship but I think that was because of labor day. Buy this item now!!! -The Dissector Queen
Updated instructions were GREAT Review by
I was worried when I read the reviews about the instructions. I can say that our colorful instructions were not dark photocopies - they looked great, explained the step by step procedure well, and the frog was large and pretty easy to work w/. The pins were tricky to keep in the styrofoam and we ended up not using them. I was very pleased!
great product Review by
Great product. My 3rd and 1st graders loved it. It was a bit hard to pin to the styrofome tray. I used it with the Frog ipad app. Great product to go with my lesson.
I will order more! Review by
The specimen was in wonderful condition. All the organs including the frogs were easily discernable. We had a ball working with it, but the black and white picture left something to be desired. I found it hard to compare the vibrant colors of the frog with the black and white pic in the instructions. I will be ordering more in the near future.
This was great Review by
The frog was HUGE it was also very clean The shipping was fast. grate for any student.
Educational & Exciting Review by
I wanted my daughter to get a head start for school. One subject she dread is Science. After getting those kit and going through the step by instructions, she loved it. Bet she'll ace that chapter in Biology.
Frog Dissection Kit Review by
The frog was large and we had a wonderful time dissecting it. Have to agree with other reviewers on the pins in the styrofoam tray, but we worked it out easily. The only other problem was the clarity of the photos in the dissecting guide, our copy was rather dark, so the parts were not easily discernible in the labeled photo. We took care of that also. The product was shipped fast.
Great Educational Value Review by
My kids loved working on these frogs. Shipping was fast. They lasted a long time as we could not get to them for a few weeks. They were very well-preserved.
Loved by Kids, Mom and even the Dog! Review by
Our frogs arrived quickly - but not quick enough for us to retrieve the package before our dog did! Within minutes after delivery, Belle, our new lab, had chewed a small hole in the box, pulled out one frog and was carrying it around in her mouth. Amazingly, she was not too hip on the taste apparently and didn't damage it at all! I did exactly what was suggested on the info sheet and placed it back in it's bag and rewrapped and stored it in another air tight bag. Nearly a month went by before "dissection day" and both frogs were perfect! They had been so well preserved, you couldn't even tell which had been dogknapped! We were completely satisfied! Thanks!
Frog Dissection kit Review by
We appreciated the fast service. The frog was well-preserved and easy to work with. Thanks!
Frog Review by
I concur with the first reviewer. This was a large frog and quite sufficient for our purposes. It comes with everything except tweezers and gloves and I would suggest having them on hand.The styrofoam tray and pins are not sufficient to hold the frog down, however, that is easily improvised.The frog also keeps well and can be used over an extended period for closer examination. We made a week long project of it. George Fear
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