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Frog Hatchery Deluxe Kit


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Quick Overview:
Observe frog metamorphosis up close with this deluxe frog hatchery kit.
Ages 8+

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Shipping Note: The frog tadpole coupon in this kit can only be redeemed in the continental US, excluding Utah, Alaska, and Hawaii. Live embryos cannot be shipped April through October to AZ, CA, MT, NV, NJ, NC, OR, VA, or WA. From November through March the states listed above will receive leopard frog embryos. All other states will receive whatever is readily available, either African water frogs or leopard frogs. You cannot choose the species shipped. Typically you will receive your frog embryos 2-6 weeks after you mail the coupon. However, severe weather, very warm weather (over 82°), or limited supply may delay shipment for several additional weeks.

Frog Hatchery Deluxe Kit


Observe frog metamorphosis up close with this deluxe frog hatchery kit! Learn about the lifecycle of a frog as you first watch tiny embryos develop into tadpoles and then the tadpoles grow legs and develop into frogs. This frog hatchery has an ideal habitat with a large, clear plastic tank that has a removable ventilated cover. This habitat is large enough to keep adult frogs in.

Everything is included: special food, magnifier, instructions for raising and caring for your frogs, and a fully pre-paid coupon for 6-10 live frog embryos (redeemable in the continental US, excluding Utah, Alaska, and Hawaii).

You may get either African water frog or leopard frog embryos when you redeem your coupon, depending on where you live and the time of year. (See details below.) African clawed frogs (species Xenopus laevis) live their life entirely in water. Their tadpoles have both gills and lungs so they can breathe in water or at the surface. Leopard frogs (species Rana pipiens) live entirely in water before maturing and live both in water and on land as adults. Their tadpoles have only gills to breathe in water. Adults of both species have only lungs and must come to the surface to breathe.

Development time: Metamorphosis from tadpole to young frog can take 6-12 weeks. Factors such as tadpole age upon arrival and water temperature, food, and other habitat conditions can affect their growth rate.

Guarantee: Nasco, the biological supplier of the frog embryos, guarantees that at least one tadpole will be alive and in good condition when it arrives. Due to conditions beyond our control, we cannot guarantee the life of the embryos or that they will grow into mature frogs.

Frog Hatchery Deluxe Kit

  • Deluxe clear habitat (about 1 gallon in size) and removable ventilated cover
  • Fully pre-paid coupon for 6-10 live frog embryos redeemable in continental US except Utah, Alaska, and Hawaii
  • Detailed Home Science Tools instructions for raising and caring for your frogs
  • Special food to feed your frogs from embryo to tadpole to adult (enough for 4-6 months)
  • 3x hand magnifier to see your frog embryos grow and mature into adult frogs
Customer Reviews
It was great! The only problem was that the parcel was shoved in the mailbox, on a hot 88 degree day. Out of 2, only 1 made it. Grow a frog is waaay better, but since I would've not gotten my baby Squiggles without this, I guess I will rate it 5 stars.
frog hatchery Review by
We purchased a frog hatchery deluxe kit from HST. Receiving the kit was exciting, but not near as fun as receiving the tadpoles. My nine year old son came running in with the mail that day. We received 14 live tadpoles and are enjoying watching them. We have had a couple of mortalities, and the kids used the magnifying glass that was included in the kit to check out the deceased tadpole (which was easier to view than the active ones). Then they used the pipet to "bury" it in a hole that had been made in the soil of our African violet. It was appropriate since we received African water frogs. This project is perfect for our homeschool aquatic herps unit. Thanks for being there to supply our needs!
Waiting... Review by
Still waiting...
Excited and Waiting... Review by
We are so excited to watch our tadpoles grow into frogs. We have already learned so much. This is a fun adventure for my 4 year old.
Very Nice Starter Kit Review by
This frog growing kit has everything needed for our 7 year old to raise frogs from eggs. (A free coupon is included for the frog eggs themselves.) The included magnifying glass isn't very powerful and the plastic the tank lid is made from is not super strong. That being said we're very pleased thought, and it's been working perfectly.
Hopeful but disappointed Review by
This kit was purchased as a donation from HST for our science class. The kit arrived quickly and in good shape. Unfortunately the tadpoles didn't have such good luck. The shipper sent them in a small yellow bubble envelope via the USPS. The envelope had a small sticker Protect From Heat and Cold. However the package arrived crushed, leaking and so cold it appeared to have been in a cooler. None of the tadpoles were alive. Better packaging would have probably saved them. The students were disappointed.
A Year Later Review by
We Still Enjoy Our Frog
The kids (and parents!) LOVED it! Review by
We all loved this kit. We received 11 eggs, but only one developed into a tadpole. The kids had so much fun watching him grow and develop day to day. He's been in his new habitat for a couple of weeks now and they still watch him all the time. The only downside... We got leopard frogs and I didn't realize they had to be fed live food after they become frogs. It makes it a little harder (it's now Daddy's job!) but still absolutely worth all the fun and learning!
Great but some advice Review by
We have had a lot of fun watching our one tadpole that hatched grow into a frog. He was just starting to climb up onto the wood, however his tail was still about an inch. We were planning to change his habitat today but found that he had died this morning. Soooo sad. After all that work and his effort trying to get up on the wood. We don't know exactly why he died, but we would recommend having some kind of rock that sticks up out of the water to give the froglet a more secure place to be when he's ready to climb onto land. The floating wood was just too hard for the little thing to climb onto. He made it once but then couldn't do it again. Now we know. The kids were so careful to follow all the instructions, but the instructions are not perfect.
fun for all! Review by
I am a homeschool mother of 3. We have had our tadpoles for 8 wks now. It is very fun watching them develop their legs! My kids named one of them Goliath, because he is at least twice the size of the others. We started with 9 eggs and are down to 4 very healthy, livley, tadpoles. Our cats ate the included tadpole food, so I have been feeding them boiled lettuce. They seem to like this better, and it doesn't make the tank as dirty. We highly recomend this kit. We also used model magic to build models of the frog stages, a great way to round out the lesson!
Not many embryos Review by
Only 3 embryos arrived. We saw one tadpole hatch and start swimming. It died the next day.
Don't make my mistake Review by
I didn't read the description on this kit very well and realized after it arrived that frogs cannot be shipped to my state. Also, if African water frogs are illegal in your state, you may only be able to get frogs from November to April. I was able to find some toad tadpoles in a friends pond and we will still enjoy the magic of this well put together kit. Also, Home Science Tools is refunding the cost of the prepaid coupon. They are obviously a company that is good to their customers. Still, the runaround is not worth it, so don't make the same mistake I did.
so excited!!! :-) Review by
I just got the frog eggs and i am so excited, i can't wait until they hatch! I will write how they did when they hatch and grow!!
two healthy froglets Review by
We sent in our coupon in the fall. We quickly recieved 8 leopard frog eggs. One was smashed, one had two cells in one (twins?), but it did not evolve. Three of the eggs began to elongate and then we could identify the head end. My children enjoyed watching the embryos wiggle in their clear jelly eggs. After they hatched one stopped growing and then died. We have tried several tadpoles from another frog kit that never survied. So we were very happy with this product. I would recomened researching the needs of these frogs. The instructions state that you can keep them in a container with a bowl of water. Most experts say a tank (at leat 10 gallon for my 2 frogs) with at least 1/3 water 6-8 inches deep is needed, and a aquarium filter. You also need to feed them live prey, crickets, mealworms, even fish. So the investment of long term care needs to be considered. But we are enjoying finding aquarium decor, plants, water falls, etc to keep our two little ones happy.
We enjoyed our frogs!!! Review by
We really enjoyed our frog kit. It has been a few years and I don't remember how many tadpoles hatched but we did have 3 tiny frogs that survived. We were excited and my daughter gave them all names of course. People do need to be aware that as the tadpoles are developing legs, they are also developing lungs. So, some type of flat rock needs to be placed in the tank for them them to crawl on. Also, they were so small we had a hard time finding things to feed them. So we ended up going to a pet store and buying dried flies. We would dangle them by using tweezers in front of each frog once or twice a day. LOL
Lots of frogs! Review by
This was an excellent family science experiment that was purchased to accompany a pond life study for our 4 homeschooled kids. The first set of tadpole eggs arrived quickly but unfortunately they did not develop. A quick email to Homesciencetools solved that and I had a new coupon within a few days and sent that into Nasco. Within a week, we had 17 leopard frog eggs to start, all were growing. The final result, four healthy adult frogs. We also learned that larger frogs will eat smaller frogs so we now have 3 adults and they have been divided up into two different terrariums. This was a fun study and the habitat is perfect for keeping insects to feed the frogs if you decide to put them into a separate aquarium.
We received this kit about 3 months ago, and I honestly wasn't sure it would succeed. To our pleasant surprise, every tadpole egg has developed and it has been a LOT of fun for our entire family to watch the tadpoles develop into frogs. I have even caught my husband getting up in the morning and going over to the tank to watch the frogs as he feeds them! He is even talking about getting a large aquarium so we can keep them ALL instead of giving them away! This kit will succeed if you are diligent in the care and feeding of the tadpoles...We all are getting lots of enjoyment out of this kit!!!
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