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Generator, Hand-crank


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Quick Overview:
This affordable hand-cranked DC generator demonstrates the conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy.
Ages 12+

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Generator, Hand-crank


This affordable hand-cranked DC generator demonstrates the conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy.The generator produces 6 volts and a maximum output of 0.2 amps. It includes a light bulb and two 15" wire leads that can be used to attach the generator to small motors and other electrical devices. Fits in your hand.

Note: This generator is designed as a demonstration device and is not for hard use. It is constructed with ABS plastic gears that will wear with use. All other devices like this on the market have a similar design with ABS gears. We also sell replacement gears. A replacement bulb is also available.

Customer Reviews

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Poor quality Review by
On the plus side, I like the way you can see inside the generator and see how it works. On the minus side, it would sometimes work and sometimes not. So, I think this is a great idea, but not very well constructed.
[HST adds: Sorry to hear that this didn't work consistently! Someone from customer service will contact you. Remember, all our products are backed by our 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee!]
Cheap. Don't spend your money Review by
Gears broke in a matter of minutes. When they advertise "We also sell replacement gears" - its for a reason. [Home Science Tools adds: If you order this kit and it has defective gears like this, we will gladly replace them at no cost.]
Electric Energy Review by
Product works well and is easy to use for demonstrations. Because generating current becomes more difficult as the load increases, students experience first hand (pun inteneded) that energy is needed to generate energy.
Science Project Demonstration Accessory Review by
Very pleased, excellent product used as part of a science project demonstration tool involving the relationship between magnetism and mechanics of how a hand generator creates an AC electrical charge to power small motors, light bulbs, etc. This is a very convenient product for such demonstrations for 4-5 grade level projects. The product is fairly durable but advise to use some caution to avoid unnecessary damage to gears or hand crank. Otherwise, don't need to be concerned that the product does exactly what is described. Also has convenient +/- poles on generator to connect and extend power to a source, wire is included with purchase. This product is highly recommended to others.
Science Teacher Review by
The Hand-crank Generator worked great as advertised. It is a very good demonstration tool. Several of my students reviewed the generator and had good comments about it. The generator is loud and difficult to talk over but that can be used to demonstrate the work being done by the generator. The plastic parts can break easily which relagates the generator to a demonstration tool only.

5 Item(s)

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