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Grow-a-Frog Kit


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Quick Overview:
The popular Grow-a-Frog kit is an excellent way to learn about frog metamorphosis.
Ages 8+
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Frogs & Tadpoles

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Shipping Note: The tadpoles for these kits cannot be sent to Canada. Tadpoles can't be shipped to Nevada, Oregon, Montana, or Hawaii unless you have a permit. Typically you will receive your tadpole 2-3 weeks after you mail the coupon. However, severe weather may delay shipment for several weeks as tadpoles are only shipped when the temperature is 32-75°F.

Grow-a-Frog Kit


The popular Grow-a-Frog kit is an excellent way to learn about frog metamorphosis!

This kit contains everything you need to watch a tadpole grow into a baby froglet. Just send in the pre-paid postcard that comes with your kit and in a few weeks (depending on weather) you will receive a live see-through tadpole. Over the next 4-8 weeks your tadpole will grow legs and lose its tail as it becomes a frog.

This Grow-a-Frog kit comes with a pre-paid postcard to send in for one tadpole (guaranteed to live), a Fun & Fact Handbook for learning about raising your tadpole, a clear tadpole habitat for raising the tadpole to a froglet, and food. Not only will your kids get to watch the amazing process of metamorphosis, they will also learn to be responsible caring for a living animal.

Your Grow-a-Frog tadpole is of the species Xenopus laevis, or African clawed frog. This frog lives its life entirely in water. Tadpoles of this species have transparent skin so you can see through its body and even watch its heart beat! Tadpoles have both gills and lungs so they can breathe in water or at the surface. Frogs have only lungs and must come to the surface to breathe.

African clawed frogs can live for several years and can grow to 3-5". The small habitat that comes with your Grow-a-Frog is suitable only until the tadpole becomes a young froglet (has legs, arm, and shorter tail). At this stage we recommend one of our Critter Habitats to provide a larger home for your frog.

Development time: Metamorphosis from tadpole to young frog can take 4-8 weeks. Factors such as tadpole age upon arrival and water temperature, food, and other habitat conditions can affect their growth rate.

Lifetime Guarantee: Three Rivers, the manufacturer of this product has an incredible guarantee! First, they guarantee your Grow-a-Frog tadpole will arrive healthy and that it will undergo metamorphosis or they will replace it absolutely free. Once your frog completes metamorphosis they offer a unique lifetime guarantee--to ensure your total satisfaction they will send a free replacement froglet at any time for just $3 to cover shipping and handling. Get your Grow-a-Frog today!

Grow-a-Frog Kit

  • Clear Tad-pool habitat (about 1 quart in size - 4.5" tall and 3.5" wide) with cover, for raising the tadpole to a froglet
  • Fully pre-paid postcard for one Grow-a-Frog tadpole
  • A Fun & Fact Handbook for learning about raising your tadpole
  • Growth food for raising your tadpole (enough food for about 2-3 months)
  • A feeding spoon
  • Special habitat media to establish a balanced ecosystem
  • Lifetime guarantee
Customer Reviews
26 years and counting! Review by
I ordered my tadpole for my son who was about 6 at the time...he is now 32! you do the math! I still have "Froggy" and am very lucky...my friends can't believe I still have him with us!
It died Review by
I had one 4 years ago and it died cause it ate a worm that was too fat.
Our first Grow a Frog Review by
I ordered my first tadpole for my class just a few weeks ago. It came yesterday! The kids are super excited. We have such high expectations for it! I have had excellent service and the tadpole appears to be great!
These frogs are awesome Review by
I think these frogs are awesome. I raised one from a tad pole and he lived for 11 years. He just died this afternoon, and i want another one. It has to be a boy though, cause i love listening to the croaking echo all through the house. ; ) I am told girl frogs don't croak. ; )
Sad loss Review by
I have had a grow-a-frog for 24 years. He died today. We are heartbroken. What is the most humane way to bury him?
The one that died away Review by
I had one for four years but died from swimming too close ro my filter
Our Tadpole Died Review by
Everything is included with the kit, which is very nice. However, when our tadpole died, which happens we understand, the guarantee turns out to be for a froglet, not tadpole. To get a tadpole, we'd have to buy it and pay shipping. If it had survived, I'm sure I'd be giving a 5-star review.
Helpful info Review by
These frogs are really cool when they are older if proper research is done. These frogs are african clawed frogs and grow up to 4-7 in. in the proper enviroment, and can live for up to 10-20+ years. I personally own 2 normal and 1 albino of these, and they are 6,1, and 1/2 year old. They require at LEAST 5 gallons per fully grown frog under most circumstances. After ordering this frog, I reccomend ordering other frogs, aquariums, filters, and decorations from pet stores and a website caled xenopus express(scientific name is xenopus laevis). Many sites online will help you find info on how to properly take care of grown frogs if you search it. These frogs when fully grown will happily eat there pelleted food from grow a frog and xenopus express, as well as many live, frozen, and freeze dried foods. Hope this was helpful. Have fun!
More "Helpful Info" Review by
I also will add afer reading other reviews that if a frog dies in under 5 years it was definately either from disease or from YOU not taking care of the frog properly. I'm not trying to be mean just trying to help :)
o no Review by
another frog died i had 3
It is so sad Review by
I had my grow a frog since april 2010 and she just died today.
Frog is thriving Review by
We did the Grow a Frog project seven years ago. Our African frog is still alive! We did have difficulty at the beginning of our project with the young tadpoles dying but they were promptly replaced two times until we had success.
Yeah Review by
Very happy with the quick delivery of our tadpole. I have already ordered stage 2 and with its new friend which comes with stage two they will end up living in a 10 gallon tank when they grow up. Very nice company to deal with.
Ours Croaked Review by
Tadpole came after a few months. My kids literally checked the mailbox daily for weeks. Once it came, it lived 3 days and croaked. The real lesson my children learned was how to flush their new pet and send it to the pig lily pad in the sky. The cube he lived in during his time with us may have possibly bored him to death.
Gro-A-Frog is amazing! Review by
I got this frog for my grandchildren, but it stays at my house so they are able to see it and feed it when they visit. They have been amazed at it's growth and playfulness. He (I think it's a 'he') swims all day long and he will take food from me. He also sings at night. He has gotten so big!! It was great watching the reactions of the kids as he developed through each stage and even now as he continues to grow. They loved it and we discussed each stage. They named him Frogger. He's fun to watch. He is now in a 10 gallon aquarium. Be aware that if you have the tank too cold, like the directions state, he will slow down and not eat as much. You might want to be sure he is either in a warm spot or invest in a small heater for the water. However if the water gets too warm, it gets murkey, even with a filter and will smell. We put in fresh, treated water. I have a bottle of liquid that I use to balance the water I add, as I don't always have bottled water on hand. Hope you have as much fun with this as we have.
Wow! What a great kit! Review by
We loved this kit, everything you need to fully study the full life cycle of a frog. All items in the kit are high quality, and really worth the money.
My daughter loves it!! Review by
This is worth the money. The weather was too cold to get a tadpole so we were sent a froglet instead. I am hoping that when the weather warms we will get our tadpole. My 8 year old daughter loves to feed it and is excited about it's arms developing.
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