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Inoculating needle, looped end


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Quick Overview:
This inoculating needle has a metal handle with nichrome wire loop to transfer bacteria from a culture to a petri dish.
Ages 12+

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Inoculating needle, looped end


This inoculating needle has a metal handle with nichrome wire loop to transfer bacteria from a culture to a petri dish.

Sterilize the loop between transfers using a flame and heating the loop until it glows. Allow the loop to cool before inserting in the bacteria culture or the heat will kill the bacteria being transferred.

Customer Reviews
Amazing deal Review by
The handle is significantly nicer than I expected. It has a fair bit of mass to it, since it is ~31g and 8" long, and feels very solid in your hands.
Excellent Review by
This is a great price for a great loop.
Great Loop Review by
Great loop for the price. I use it for propping brewing yeast and it works flawlessly.
Very good Review by
Really really good loop for the money
Nice for homeschool Review by
Great for homeschool science!
Inexpensive price for a perfectly good piece of equipment Review by
The price of this inoculating needle (loop) was less here at Home Science Tools-than at another, large, science supply retailer I checked. It was inexpensive enough that I was able to purchase one for each of the students doing our microbiology lab, rather than having to have them share. It worked just fine for our high school microbiology lab. The only suggestion I might make for HST would be to include some instructions on its use. Example: The inoculating loop needs to be sterilized in a flame (Bunsen burner; heat until the loop and the wire slightly above the loop are red-hot) and then cooled. If you don't cool it first, you're going to fry the bacteria you're transferring. On the other hand, if you cool it in the air, that may take long enough for it to become contaminated by air-borne spores or other contaminants. Therefore, cool the loop by touching it to your agar plate where no bacteria are growing and only afterwards then immediately use the loop to obtain a small sample of the bacteria you want to transfer.
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