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Insect Collector's Backpack Kit


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Quick Overview:
From tiny ladybugs to big, beautiful butterflies, the world of insects is full of wonders.
Ages 8+

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WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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Insect Collector's Backpack Kit


From tiny ladybugs to big, beautiful butterflies, the world of insects is full of wonders. Using this complete insect collecting kit, your amateur entomologist can capture bugs with a high-quality net, observe them up close with a magnifying glass, identify them using the hundreds of photos in the Insects Audubon guide, and mount them in a glass-fronted display case. As they work on their collection, kids will make their own discoveries about the fascinating variety of insects and their different lifecycles and behaviors. Backpack colors may vary.

Insect Collector's Backpack Kit

  • Nature Backpack - Your kids can carry all their insect-collecting tools in this comfortable pack. Its multiple pockets provide places for field guides, an insect net, and more. Padded shoulder straps and back.
  • How to Make Insect Collections - This short guide explains how to collect, preserve, and display insects.
  • Insects & Spiders Audubon Guide - The 700 stunning color photographs and silhouette key provide plenty of information to identify and learn about bugs, butterflies, spiders, and other arthropods.
  • Insect Net - This all-purpose insect net with an 18" wooden handle and 24"-deep net bag is a necessary tool for an entomologist of any age!
  • Insect Exhibit Case - This high-quality 8" x 12" case with a glass cover and foam pinning board is excellent for displaying and protecting preserved insects.
  • Insect Killing Jar - This jar has a plaster cartridge in the bottom and requires only a few drops of ethyl acetate to be effective even for large insects. (Rubbing alcohol can also be used, although it's weaker and will work slower, which can result in wing damage on delicate insects such as butterflies.)
  • Insect Pinning Forceps - These stainless steel forceps are helpful when handling or pinning fragile or tiny insects.
  • Insect Pins - 100 pack of student quality black pins that work well for pinning most insects for display.
  • Insect Spreading Board - This sturdy styrofoam board is perfect for spreading butterfly wings in an open position before mounting in a display case.
  • Double Lens Magnifier - The fold-out lenses of this pocket-sized magnifier provide 5x and 10x views of wings, eyes, and other intricate details of insects and butterflies.
  • 6" Ruler - A tool to compare specimen sizes and take measurements to help with identification.
  • Collecting Vials - These small, clear plastic vials with secure caps are perfect for carrying and storing small insects.
  • Specimen Collection Bags - Use these 15 plastic ziplock bags of varying sizes for collecting larger insects or samples of their surroundings.
  • Instructions - Our instructions explain how to use the net and spreading board, plus include tips on collecting, identifying, mounting, and labeling insects.
  • This kit is packaged in an environmentally-friendly white cardboard box.
Customer Reviews
Quality! Review by
All of the items in the kit are durable and relevant. These are not toys! My son enjoyed the professional feel of this equipment when he unpacked the box, and he's taking this summer insect collection seriously, which opens the door to all the great things we will learn through it. I will surely order again for future lessons!
this was hit!!! Review by
thanks home science tools!! this item exactly fit the bill for my sons budding interest in entomology!! and made a great christmas present...all of the items arrived in pristine condition...we will be ordering from you guys again
Very nice Review by
This was a great investment. The kids are thrilled and so am I. The kit included quality items that encourage my children to ask questions and seek out answers. Great Product!
Great Investment Review by
My son was seriously considering some popular bug collecting products; but after seeing this kit and ordering it, he is so glad he didn't go with the other. This kit has given him quality items to seriously collect, watch and preserve insects. He is enjoying it immensely! Thanks for a great product!
Favorite gift 7 yr old boy Review by
My 7 year old son asked (and received) this for Christmas- it is his favorite gift. He has been out collecting "specimens" with the kill jar and insect net. We have a friend who is an entomologist who commented on the quality of the set, especially the tweezers! This is a great starter set. I'd like to buy more of the backpack sets, but without the backpack- maybe in a storage tub? We don't need another pack.
A great kit Review by
I was very pleased with this kit. Having everything together in the backpack is very handy when taking it to the field. The materials in the kit are high quality. My only disappointment was about the fluid that should be added to the killing jar. I purchased the ethyl acetate separately, but was disappointed to learn when I got the kit and read the instructions that the far less toxic rubbing alcohol was a usable substitute. Now I am stuck with a nasty bottle of ethyl acetate! It would be good to indicate on the product description that rubbing alcohol can also be used.
Nice products Review by
Bought for my son and he is having a ball with it. Great value.
Great starter kit Review by
This is a great starter kit for anyone wanting to get into insect collecting. I got this for my son and was very impressed with the quality of the equipment. I would recommend this kit.
Insect Collector's Backpack Kit Review by
I wanted something to spark an interest in my son's science program. This product went beyond anything I could hope for. All of the items are of the highest quality and made my son feel like a "real scientist". He has learned so much from being able to examine and then read about the insects that he has caught. The insect collection display box has become a treasured item in our home. I can't wait to try all of the other backpack kits.
Awesome Review by
I bought this as a Christmas present for my 7 year old son. He was besides himself with excitement and cannot wait til the weather clears up so he can get out and begin his search with his "real tools" instead of the cheap collecting items we would find at local stores.
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