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Insect spreading board, 12x4"


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Quick Overview:
This is an inexpensive, firm-density polystyrene board (like hard, closed-cell styrofoam) that is designed for spreading insect wings prior to mounting.
Ages 10+

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Insect spreading board, 12x4"


This is an inexpensive, firm-density polystyrene board (like hard, closed-cell styrofoam) that is designed for spreading insect wings prior to mounting. It is ideal for allowing butterfly wings to spread and dry. The spreading board has a body slot that is 3/8" deep and varies from 1/4" to 1/2" wide, depending on our supply.

Place a moth, butterfly, or other insect's body in the indentation on the spreading board, and pin a thin strip of paper over each wing to hold them flat until they dry out.

Customer Reviews
Good for the price Review by
Shipped very quickly. I wish it was a little deeper so you could spread your butterflies and moths a bit higher on the pin. I just spread a luna moth on my board and there's hardly any room underneath him on the pin for labels. The channel is also only good for medium sized Leps, though you can easily (if messily) carve the channel a bit bigger in one spot or carve a new tiny channel along the side if you have to.
Great for beginners Review by
For the price you cant go wrong. Was amazed at how fast It was shipped and recieved.
Inexpensive and Simple Review by
After making my own spreading board out of cardboard, I find that this insect spreading board is by far the best piece of equipment for drying and positioning insects for collecting.
Good for what you pay Review by
This is good for a starter collection, or just for all the average size insects. Shipping was very fast!
Insect Spreading Board Review by
I was surprised at how fast delivery was on this item. The board itself is rather small for more than a few specimens at a time so order extra if you have a bigger project. The price was the best I could find on the internet at the time I was looking so I feel good about my purchase.
Indispensable for butterflies and moths Review by
I ordered 2 of these for my 10 & 13 year old to use for their Nature Club projects. Wish I had gotten a couple more since they fill up fast. For a couple of our smaller butterflies, the indentation was too wide but I was able to easily carve a smaller groove off to the side that works fine.
Okay for smaller collections Review by
Not bad for the price. If you are serious about collecting then I would get a few more. The indent is kinda small for the larger moths that need to be spread for pinning. Overall not a bad investment.
Not bad Review by
a little small, the kids fill it up fast but not a bad product
A good buy! Review by
We bought this for my sons first year in 4H. A GREAT investment! Get 2 or more, if you plan on collecting a lot at one time because the board fills up fast. PLUS, the price is right so you will always have an extra on hand when you need it!
Styrofoam Review by
This is simply a styrofoam board for mounting insects.
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