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Kids Backyard Bugs Kit


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Quick Overview:
Kids can observe bugs close-up with this exciting kit.
Ages 5-11

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Kids Backyard Bugs Kit


Kids can observe bugs close-up with this exciting kit. It comes with everything they need for catching and taking a closer look at insects: a special kids-size insect & butterfly net, deluxe bug viewer with magnifier lid, Best Book of Bugs guide to common species, and a pop-up habitat that lets them keep insects without a mess (or harming the bugs)!

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This kit is packaged in an environmentally-friendly white cardboard box.

Kids Backyard Bugs Kit

  • Best Book of Bugs
  • Deluxe Bug Magnifier Jar
  • Pop-up Insect Habitat (9" tall)
  • Kids Insect & Butterfly Net with 18" wooden handle for extended reach
  • Backyard Bug instructions booklet
Customer Reviews
Great product Review by
My 5 year old has an interest in bugs and this kit lets her collect them, observe them and with the book attempt to figure out what it is. We are just sorry it took so long to find this website to get her this kit, because it is now fall and not to many bugs are out.
My Daughter Loves this! Review by
My 7 year old daughter has had an interest in bugs and she's been catching them and observing them in food containers... now that she has real kit with all tools she needs and a great reference book... she's so excited and her curiosity is even more boundless!
Great gift Review by
My 6-year-old daughter got this from Grandma for her birthday. The book is information packed and beautiful. She likes the viewer/magnifying glass/house and has already trapped a bug in the net habitat. She only wishes it were spring so there were more bugs to catch!
Great Product! Review by
I bought this for my little brother and is in IN LOVE with this. Im so happy i made this purchase!
Intro to Bug collection Review by
Great kit to start bug collecting. I purchased this for my 6 year old niece. She can't wait for spring so she can begin collecting.
Insect Kit Review by
I bought this kit for my daughter's sixth birthday. It was her favorite gift, and has exceptional quality. She said, "two thumbs up, mom!".
Grab Your Net and Go! Review by
Young children are fascinated by bugs at a very young age. As they mature, it is quite fun to see them learn and discover the wonder of these tiny creatures. I have used sets of the bug viewers (with magnifying lids) in the past with my Kindergarten students. They had fun collecting bugs at recess. The pop-up bug viewer is easy to use and so compact to store. I thought the book was useful in the fact that it had information on a variety of insects and a great glossary of terms for study. I would recommend this set to anyone wanting to begin an "Insect Study Unit". All the basics are there. Grab your net and go!
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