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Lab Kit for RS4K Middle School Science


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Quick Overview:
This kit contains 24 of the harder-to-find items for the experiments in the Real Science 4 Kids Middle School curriculum (Chemistry, Biology, and Physics).
Grades 5-8

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Lab Kit for RS4K Middle School Science


This kit contains 24 of the harder-to-find items for the experiments in the Real Science 4 Kids Middle School curriculum (Chemistry, Biology, and Physics). It includes prisms, seeds, iodine, a 6-volt battery, light bulb, bar magnet and more. See our order form for a complete list of contents as well as optional items. You save 10%!

Note: Real Science For Kids Level 1 has a new name and a new look! While you'll enjoy the same easy-to-teach and fun-to-learn curriculum as before, it's now called Focus On Middle School.

Note: This kit is intended for parent/teacher use to complete curriculum lab activities with students. It includes items that are not designed or intended primarily for children ages 12 and under.

Customer Reviews

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time saver! Review by
This is a huge time saver in gathering all the supplies. I strongly suggest purchaser look at the contents (and missing contents) list linked with this kit. That way purchaser can buy extra necessary items as well all have different items around our houses. One minor problem so far - the kit does not include steel balls of various sizes as the curriculum requires, rather two of the same size.
Save Some Time and Sanity! Review by
This collection of items is SO helpful! It has been thoroughly researched to the level that there is even a list of the bits and pieces that you still need to provide and when you will need them. I appreciate the time that I have saved by purchasing this kit.
Experiments Made Easy Review by
I would not use this curriculum without purchasing this kit! It's great to know that when time for the experiment, I'll have all I need (no advance planning necessary!). The only problem was that we needed a liquid starch and the kit has powdered. We had to dissolve it, which wasn't a real big deal, but the liquid would've been easier. This kit is definitely worth the buy!
Great Recommendation! Review by
Another homeschooling mom in my local support group recommended that I get this to go with my RS4K curriculum for the year. I am SO glad I did! I would NOT have wanted to be hunting for these items all around town. The only thing is that they come with a note of extreme caution about the storage of various kinds of chemicals (corrosives, etc.) and I spent some time trying to figure out how much of that notice applied to me, based on this purchase. I think that even more time could be saved for the puchaser if the warning note included was created specifically for THIS kit, which only contains one item that would require caution for storage, as far as I can tell.
Essential items Review by
This kit contains essential items that you will need for the Real Science-4-Kids curriculum. I found it helpful to have a large group of items packaged together instead of having to hunt around for the necessary items as we need them. In addition to providing some science essentials - iodine & Borax, the kit also included an original Slinky, glass marbles and 2 glass prisms that my 11 year old immediately squirreled away. If you are using the Real Science-4-Kids Level 1 curriculum, you will likely find this kit useful.

5 Item(s)

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