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Methyl cellulose, 1.5%, 30 ml


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Quick Overview:
Useful to quiet protozoa for microscope viewing.
Ages 13+

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Methyl cellulose, 1.5%, 30 ml


Useful to quiet protozoa for microscope viewing.

Customer Reviews
OK Product Review by
I was lucky I had pipets as the jar didn't have a built in drooper. However this websites stains have a dropper build in, I wonder why? It also didn't slow the protozoas much, maybe I didn,t use enough?
Retiree Hobby Review by
This chemical worked as advertised, slowing the micro-organisms down to be able to study them. I mixed a drop of this with an equal amount of water to make it less viscous which let the organisms show some movement. The chemical bottle needs to be fitted with a dropper nozzle because pouring it to administer just one drop without a nozzle was a challenge, and impossible for younger hands. Delivery was within four days of ordering, and the 30 mL size was ideal for a hobbyist or school aged children.
Super goo Review by
After using this product, I have to assume that there are different concentrations of methyl cellulose, as I have used it before (from other companies) and found it to be much less viscous than this particular product. I tried this with pond water to slow down speedy protozoa. It seemed to just displace the water and did not successfully quiet paramecium or euglena. Also to my dismay was the fact that the bottle did not have a dropper top, but was just a plastic jar with a screw top. I'm glad I had also ordered pipets with the same order, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to use it. I have to assume that I have much to learn about microscopy and rate this product on that assumption.
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