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Accessories, Slides and Kits

Find great kits and accessories to use with your microscope.

Accessories, Slides and Kits

You've bought a microscope - now what? Check out microscope accessories such as carrying cases, mechanical stages, video adapters, books with experiments and how-tos, and other essential microscope supplies. We also sell microscope slides and replacement light bulbs if you're looking for more. Our array of hands-on kits like the Slide-Making Kit or Microscopic Life Kit will help you get the most out of your microscope right away.

Slide Making Supplies A selection of blank slides, cover slips, complete kits, and a variety of biological stains for everything you need to prepare your own slides... Shop Now >>
Individual Prepared Slides Advance microscopy studies with slides prepared by professionals with multiple stains. From unicellular life to botany and anatomy, individual or in economical sets available... Shop Now >>
Sets of Prepared Slides Choose from these high-quality, hand-prepared sets with the prepared slides you need for anatomy, botany, pathology, zoology... Shop Now >>
Cases, Bulbs, Accessories Get replacement halogen, LED, tungsten, and fluorescent light bulbs, as well as objective lenses, eyepieces, and more to keep your model in service year after year... Shop Now >>

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