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Browse microscopes for beginners, hobbyists, primary, secondary & higher education, clinical, and more!


Shop microscopes for grades K-12, college and university, and other lab environments. Our Kids’ microscope is ideal for ages 5-12; our Home microscope is geared toward middle-school through high-school, and our laboratory selection was designed for post-secondary and beyond.

We provide name-brand models, like industry-leading National Optical and Swift, and our own HST-brand: the Home series for students, and the 5200 Advanced and 6000 Professional series for more complex labs, including clinical settings.


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Home Series

Our line of microscopes are built with the student in mind. See why customers give the Home microscope 5 stars... Shop Now >>


Microscopes for all education levels: high school, college student, plus models for beginners and lifelong lea... Shop Now >>


Top-quality biological microscopes for daily commercial use in professional lab settings. Designed for univers... Shop Now >>


From student versions to clinical models, high-power, compound light microscopes allow you to see cells and mi... Shop Now >>

Digital & Cameras

Use digital microscopes and camera attachments, plus imaging software to manipulate and share pictures or vide... Shop Now >>


Protect or even improve your microscope purchase with a carrying case, mechanical stage, video adapters, and l... Shop Now >>

Stereo & Dissecting

Ideal for dissection, stereo microscopes are low-power and provide a 3D image. This assortment ranges from 30x... Shop Now >>

Bestselling Models & Kits

We’ve grouped all our most-popular ‘scopes, slide sets, and accessories here for you. See our own top-rate... Shop Now >>


A selection of blank slides, cover slips, complete kits, and a variety of biological stains for everything you... Shop Now >>

Prepared Slides

Advance microscopy studies with slides prepared by professionals with multiple stains. From unicellular life t... Shop Now >>

Parts & Bulbs

Get replacement halogen, LED, tungsten, and fluorescent light bulbs, as well as objective lenses, eyepieces, a... Shop Now >>

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