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    Student Microscopes

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    • Deluxe Microscope Case
      MSRP $119.95
      $89.95 You save 25% in_stock
      This deluxe hard-sided microscope case ensures your quality microscope ... more
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      kids microscope

      ON SALE $112.95

      Special Price: $96.00 You save 15%

      Get a kid-friendly introductory microscope without sacrificing quality ... more
    • 20x/40x Stereo Microscope - National Optical 447TBL-10
      MSRP $285.00
      $261.00 You save 8% in_stock
      This National Optical stereo microscope provides you with either 20x o ... more
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      Kids LED Cordless Microscope

      ON SALE $118.95

      Special Price: $107.05 You save 10%

      This portable battery-powered kid-friendly introductory microscope fea ... more
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      Home Binocular LED Microscope

      ON SALE $304.95

      Special Price: $259.20 You save 15%

      This binocular microscope enhances viewing comfort, reduces eye strain ... more
    • Home 1000X LED Microscope
      MSRP $429.95
      $274.95 You save 36% As low as: $265.95 in_stock
      Don't let the price fool you—this is a great 1000x microscope.
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      Dual Power Stereo Microscope, HST 20/40X Model

      ON SALE $224.95

      Special Price: $191.20 You save 15%

      This deluxe stereo microscope provides you with either 20x or 40x magn ... more
    • National Optical 131 Microscope
      MSRP $255.00
      $245.95 You save 4% in_stock
      This high-power compound microscope is an outstanding educational micr ... more

    Grid List

    28 Item(s)

    per page

    Need a microscope for your kids but feel overwhelmed by the choices and cost? Let us help! You can pick an affordable high school / college student microscope — or just a good basic educational microscope — for your kids. And if you’ve never used a microscope before, don’t worry! It’s not as hard as that textbook makes it seem. You’ll be amazed at the world of tiny details that a microscope brings to life!

    Any of these microscopes provide excellent quality at low prices, so you can get the best classroom-quality features without hurting your budget! Most come with a lifetime warranty to ensure you’ll be able to use the same microscope with your kids for years to come.

    For most students and families, we recommend the Home Microscope, ideal for students who are studying life science / biology in junior high and up. If you have a younger child who loves science, but you don’t want to make a longer-term investment, we recommend the Kids model, great for beginning to use a real scope. Or for an advanced student, chose an iris diaphragm and 1000x magnification to see even more detail. 


    "We recently purchased the Home microscope. My son was amazed at the clarity & detail. He found it easy to use." —Melanie