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Molecular Model Set, Large


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Quick Overview:

This molecular model set is ideal for chemistry students who are learning about molecules.
Ages 13+

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Molecular Model Set, Large


This molecular model set is ideal for chemistry students who are learning about molecules! The kit contains enough "atoms," represented by 2 cm diameter wooden balls, to make large molecules. (Look in a chemistry book for ideas of what molecules to build.)

Ball colors and quantities are 30 black carbon, 30 white hydrogen, 12 red oxygen, 5 orange nitrogen, 18 green halogen, and 5 yellow sulfur. The models are connected with different lengths of flexible metal springs.

Customer Reviews

Pharmacy Student Review by
The bookstore at my school was selling a much smaller kit than this for $60. This kit allows me to make all of the molecules I want for Organic Chemistry because of the amount of atoms and springs in it.
Highly recommend! Review by
Purchased this set for my son's Physical Science class, and we'll certainly be using it later for chemistry, as well. Very well constructed---wooden balls and metal springs for the bonds (nothing cheap and plastic!) We received our order within days---even to Hawai'i! My son hasn't put the set down since he's gotten it. A great visual way to learn various compounds. My only complaint is wishing that more elements were represented (or available in a compatible set), and not all of the atoms have the same number of holes (making it impossible to form certain compounds). Of course, you can switch which color atom represents which element for a particular model you're trying to make, but it's nice to stick to the same color, so you get used to seeing a certain color and know which element it is. All in all, very happy with the purchase---both the product and quick service!
Excellent Model Review by
Purchased this for my Organic Chemistry class, and ever since it arrived I've been assembling and disassembling molecule after molecule. This kit comes with a surplus of balls and springs, so it's even possible to make larger and more complex molecules.
Police Training Review by
These models are great for teaching the police departments about the molecules that they are looking for. They are just like the ones we used back in college and like them, are very effective at conveying the concepts. Well worth the price.
Just upgraded! Review by
We just received our large molecular model set today. We've used the small set for years, and it has held up really well. Recently, my son begged me to purchase the larger set. He was so excited when it came in the mail. Now he has enough parts to many, more complex molecules. He was very excited this evening to show his father the structure of octane and glucose. If you are purchasing a set for the first time, I highly recommend spending the extra money and getting the large set.
Excellent Set! Review by
Purchased this set for a variety of reasons; for science days in Boy and Girl Scouts, and my children, one of which loves chemistry. I took chemistry in college and I wish we had something this nice. We used marshmallows and toothpicks. The set is quality and has that ooohhh aaahhhh factor in the coolness scale of fun. It seems very sturdy to be "kid proof". This is a great deal for the cost!
love it Review by
I love my molecular set. It is very easy to build the molecules ahead of time and use them as I teach young and older students chemistry and chemical reactions.
Great Product Review by
I needed a model for my Organic Chem class and this is a great one. I love that the "atoms" are wooden and color coded, and i got the large because i sometimes need to make 2 or 3 models at once, or to make models of large molecules. Great purchase!!
Excellent Set! Review by
Fantastic Kit!! This was really a plus for my 10th grade's Bio Class. It helped him understand and memorize the various molcules in his book. Well made and really durable!!
Good quality set Review by
This is an excellent set for middle school through high school chemistry. The springs easily allow demonstrations of single bonds, double bonds and triple bonds. The holes on the molecules are properly placed to make realistic figures. The set is durable and the molcules do not fall apart easily. I am very happy with this purchase.
Great Set! Review by
This set is great for beginning organic chemistry users. I'm a graduate student now, but i wish i had a set like this to "crystallize" things in grade school. Good quality product.
Good hands-on visual Review by
This set is a great way for kids to see what is happening in a molecule. It's easy to use, but the directions lack clear intructions of examples. Otherwise, a good buy!
love it Review by
When I opened the package, I was a little dissapointed. The molecules were smaller than I expected so I was a little dissappointed. But, after building a molecule, I saw the the size was perfect for what I needed. and the springs allow me to make models with two or even three bonds. I recommend this product to everyone who needs to understand structures better.

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