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Ramp up learning and set your physics studies in motion.

Physical Science & Physics

Physics is the study of how things work.

Whether you're studying motion, magnets, electricity, light and optics, or thermal conductivity, here you'll find a wide range of supplies to use in your physical science projects. Get dynamic carts and ramps to experiment with velocity, an electricity investigation kit for hands-on learning about electronics, a spectroscope to investigate the spectrum of light, K'nex kits for introductory engineering, and more.

Electricity & Electronics

From alligator clips to zinc electrodes, find the parts you need for electricity projects. Shop for solar ener... Shop Now >>

Magnets & Magnetism

Shop for magnets ranging from super-strong neodymium to magnetic marbles. Ideal for magnetism experiments or j... Shop Now >>

Light & Optics

Searching for optics bench equipment? Binoculars? A spectroscope? Check out our selection of light and optics ... Shop Now >>

Sound & Wave Motion

View this page to find a Slinky or a ripple tank for demonstrating wave motion, tuning forks for sound experim... Shop Now >>

Force & Motion

Here's a selection of pulleys, dynamic carts, friction and density equipment, books, and kits for a variety of... Shop Now >>

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