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Physics and Engineering

Ramp up learning and set your physics studies in motion.

Physics and Engineering

Through the study of physics, learn the natural laws of matter, motion, force, and time. Understand light, sound, and magnetism, and how our senses filter our experience of the world.

Technology allows us to use natural forces in new ways, to transform sunlight into power or electricity into light. Engineering, programming and robotics take STEM studies to the next level.

Electricity and Electronics From alligator clips to zinc electrodes, find the parts you need for electricity projects. Shop for solar energy kits, electronic labs, motors, snap circuits kits... Shop Now >>
Force and Motion Slow or fast, make it move or make it stop. Learning about friction, mass, force, and the laws of motion has never been so fascinating! Shop Now >>
Light and Optics Searching for optics bench equipment? Binoculars? A spectroscope? Check out our selection of light and optics equipment, including lenses and mirrors, magnifying glasses, radiometer... Shop Now >>
Magnets and Magnetism Shop for magnets ranging from super-strong neodymium to magnetic marbles. Ideal for magnetism experiments or just letting your kids discover on their own... Shop Now >>
Sound and Wave Motion View this page to find a Slinky or a ripple tank for demonstrating wave motion, tuning forks for sound experiments, and our sound measurement kit. Shop Now >>
Engineering Kits These engineering kits build on students’ natural curiosity about flight, motion, machines, engines, structures and buildings. Shop Now >>
Robotics Interested in robotics? Choose from fun electronic robot kits ranging in difficulty from beginner (ages 10-13) to advanced (ages 13-Adult). Learn about... Shop Now >>
Solar and Alternative Energy Learn how solar energy, hydrogen fuel cells, wind power, and other sources work with one of these fun alternative energy science kits... Shop Now >>
Measurement Equipment Thermometers and pipettes are essential equipment for chemistry labs. Use digital thermometers or scales for quick and accurate readings... Shop Now >>

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