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Protozoa Culture Kit


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Quick Overview:
Start your own living culture of mixed protozoans and algae in 3 days.
Ages 8+
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Protozoa Culture Kit


Discover the world of micro-organisms with this unique protozoa culture kit! Just add water to this special dry protozoan culture and in 24 hours you'll have your own living culture of mixed protists and algae to study.

The culture will change each day as different protist species become more prevalent. Allow 3 days for the culture to fully mature, but study it each day. Not only will the protists you find vary from day to day but you'll also find different protozoans at the top or side of the culture than at the bottom of the culture. You can spend hours sampling this culture each day as you hunt for, identify, and study the habits of different protists.

This complete kit includes the dry protist culture, a cup to use as a hatching container, food, identification key, and instructions. (We recommend plain microscope slides and coverslips to observe these organisms with your 400X microscope.)

Ideas for Science Fair Experiments:

  • What are the effects of light and temperature on protists?
  • What are the effects of household chemicals or cleaners on protists? Do different species (such as amoeba and euglena) react differently?
  • Do different kinds of protists grow in different environments? Compare those in this culture kit with those grown from pond water or grass clippings.
Customer Reviews
Excellent Product and Customer Service Review by
This product shipped quickly and arrived a day early. I followed the instructions, but the first time nothing hatched. After emailing HST customer service, they immediately sent another free kit, which arrived quickly. The second kit worked wonderfully. I was able to see a variety of life. Thank you HST, you service is of unbeatable quality!
Worth a try Review by
This product fills a need for me from the Apologia Biology curriculum if you are looking for a good source for a living culture without access to a pond or stream. The trick is getting the culture at the right age.
Great Quality! Review by
I decided to buy this kit as an opportunity to study micro-critters. It was a great experience for me, just not all of the types of protists hatched within a week. Other than that, I definitely recommend this product to other buyers... It will make a great project for all ages! Not just kids.
The best way to start a "pond water" culture Review by
This is a fantastic alternative to purchasing live cultures and better for the beginning microscopist than a pond water sample because it has know protozoa and a key. The culture changes every day so it provides a lot of enjoyment. My 12 year old nephew loved it. Simple to use and comes complete with everything except microscope slides and cover slips. Great product.
Easier than finding a pond Review by
I decided to try this as an alternative to visiting a pond in the winter to collect samples. Pros: Instructions are very easy and it's fascinating to look for the microscopic creatures. Cons: We have not seen a large amount of life, even after 5 days. However, after reading the other reviews, I wonder if our temperature, water, or some other factor has affected the growth. We will be trying this again sometime and hopefully seeing a greater number of living things.
A Variety of Microlife Review by
The instruction are clear, and the set up is quick and easy. After three days, there was an abundance of varied microlife. It's fascinating to view them under the microscope, and to draw and describe them in a notebook. This product is well worth the money.
Wow Review by
Wow i am very impressed it is only my first day and i can already see little protozoa, i cannot wait untill tomorrow to see how they are coming along, i am very impressed with this product, two thumbs up guys!
protozoa hatchery kit Review by
The protozoa kit was great. I was able to see protozoa within 24 hours.
Prepare For a Microscopic Journey! Review by
With this amazing kit, you will have so much fun. When i bought it, all i had to do was wait a couple days. Just a drop of the water looked through a microscope reveals an entire world at a whole nother level. I spent hours with my new microscopic pets! It is quite facinating to watch the behaviors of creatures so small, indeed, so small a drop of water is a world to them!
Great Product Review by
I added the water to the plastic cup and waited a day. I put a drop on my slide and looked at it under the microscope. I was disappointed. There were no protists. I waited a few more days and I was amazed at what I saw: paramecium, volvox, some amoeba, a few euglena, some stentor, and a hydra(maybe). This is a fantastic product to buy and you will not be disappointed. Something else you should consider buying is some methyl cellulose. It helps slow the protozoa down so you can see them with out having to constantly move the slide.
great hatchery Review by
i was very satisfied with this product. Overnight the protozoans already hatched. I love looking at them under my microscope. Home science is a an affordable place for labware of any kind. they also ship fast even with standard shipping.
A must have! Review by
This kit is a must have if you've got a microscope, particularly in winter. We tried getting samples for viewing from the local pond, but since it is winter, we were disappointed with so few species. We ordered the Protozoa Hatchery Kit and were very pleased. In fact, it is still going strong in its 6th week! We just add a little distilled water each week. It is worthwhile to buy the Methyl Cellulose also. Some of these little protozoans are so fast, you must slow them down to identify them and truly appreciate their complexity!
To see a world in a grain of sand... Review by
Using an MI-1SCOPE and a simple wet mount with the protozoa hatchery kit we were able to see many different protozoans. It has been a long time since I took microbiology but I was able to at least identify an ameoba and paramecium.Some move fast and some move slow and the big, lazy dumb ones are easiest to hold in focus for longer periods. They dart in and out of focus quickly which stands to reason since what is a drop of water to you is an ocean (and home) to them, an awesome thought to ponder while using this kit whether your children are taught in a religious or secular setting, that is Intelligent Design or Evolution (as mine are).In fact, using a concave slide was useless as the ocean on the slide became unfathomable quickly. It is very easy to use.Simply fill the cup with water and add the protozoan mixture then wait. It took about 48 hours before we could find anything. But after 4 days the water was teaming with life.The nice thing is that it will last a long time and this can make an ongoing project as well as provide an educational means to fill space if it becomes necessary. It takes up very little space as storage, short or long term, requires no more space than a small plastic cup.With a bit of creative thought many projects can be designed with no more than this kit, a microscope and some slides. George Fear
Better than stinky pond cultures! Review by
We saw an amazing variety: voricella, amoeba, euglena, paramecium, volvox, algae and others than simply moved too fast to identify! The culture is easy to set up and the specimens can be viewed with flat slides - just add a few cotton ball fibers to slow the critters down.
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