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Rock Hound's Backpack Kit


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Quick Overview:
This deluxe kit is designed for kids who like rocks.
Ages 8+

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WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Rock Hound's Backpack Kit


This deluxe kit is designed for kids who like rocks!

It comes with real, heavy-duty tools for rock collecting, so you can learn how to test for important properties of rocks and minerals, such as hardness, color streak, and more. Then use the field guide to classify and identify all the interesting rocks and minerals you find. Expand your collection using a rock pick (to break apart chunks of rock and split open crystal geodes), a mineral test kit and hardness scale set (to help identify rocks), a crack-open geode, display box, safety goggles, a notebook to record details about your finds, and a sturdy backpack to carry your gear as well as the rocks you find out "in the field," just like a real geologist!

Rock Hound's Backpack Kit

  • Nature Backpack - Rock hounds can head out into the field with all their rock-collecting tools stored in this comfortable and compact pack. Padded shoulder straps and back.
  • Rock Pick - This heavy-duty steel rock pick is a must for the serious rock collector! The head has a hammer on one end and a pointed pick on the other for chiseling off specimens.
  • Safety Goggles - These goggles are important to protect kids' eyes while they're using the rock pick.
  • Rock and Mineral Test Kit - Contains instructions and materials to test for properties such as color, hardness, acidity, and magnetism. Includes a 5x/10x double-lens magnifier.
  • Mineral Hardness Scale Set - This set of nine Mohs Scale of Hardness minerals lets kids test the hardness of their specimens and see how soft or hard rocks can be.
  • Crack-Open Geode - Use the rock pick to discover crystals or unique mineral deposits inside.
  • Nature Notebook - A small spiral-bound notebook with blank pages that is great for keeping notes, recording test results, and making drawings of rocks and minerals that are too large to collect.
  • Rocks and Minerals Golden Guide - With full-color illustrations and easy-to-read text, anyone can use this guide to learn about and identify common rocks and minerals.
  • Rock and Mineral Display Box - This box with 15 compartments is a great place to store or display a growing rock and mineral collection!
  • Specimen Collection Bags - 15 plastic bags of varying sizes for collecting and sorting rock samples on the go (and keeping the backpack clean!).
  • Instructions - Our instructions include information about the Mohs hardness scale, plus tips on collecting, identifying, and labeling rocks and minerals.
  • This kit is packaged in an environmentally-friendly white cardboard box.
Customer Reviews
Yes it's that good Review by
My eight year like most boys is fascinated with rocks and digging. I order the pack with all the cool stuff and I he started jumping up and down he was so...excited and couldn't wait to get out to a nearby riverbed to start digging. If you want you child to learn this was won hands down. I highly reccomend for all those future archaeologists out there
Excellent Starter Kit Review by
We purchased this for my son's 8th birthday, and he just loves it! We live in an area rich with geology, and this kit is perfect for my son to learn about all of these rocks.
Phenomenal! Review by
I ordered this for my daughter who is a total rock hound at age 11. She was amazed, as was I. The quality is phenomenal, especially at the price. All products including the back pack are durable. Great package, great price; it doesn't get any better than that.
Good starter kit Review by
cheaply made chisel
Great gift for young rock hounds Review by
I purchased this item for my 9 year old's birthday. He LOVED it!! He was excited to receive the rock pick and test kits! And really loved the display rocks! Backpack is a little thin, as mentioned by a previous reviewer, and probably won't last long in my son's hands since he is usually outside exploring. Everything else is great quality and I expect that he will be enjoying this gift for years to come!
Great Product! Review by
Wonderful collection of tools and information for your rock hound!
A True Gift Review by
This is a well-conceived, well-thought-out product for any child who loves rocks. The items in it are inviting and call to those "rock hounds" who love to categorize and break rocks apart. There are additional items that can extend a child's interest in exploring rocks to greater "depths." It's perfect for my 9-year old granddaughter.
8 year old loves mining Review by
I got this for my son for Christmas - just now getting around to the review. My 8 year old has been digging a hole in my driveway for a year now..its pretty impressive but he has been begging for a pick for some time. He loves it and goes out rock hunting no matter what the weather. He was however dissapointed with the geode which was nothing more than a solid round rock. Other than that A+.
Perfect for a rock hound Review by
We purchased this set as a gift for our 6 year old rock loving son. He literally screamed when he unwrapped it and is so proud to have his geology kit! My only complaint, and why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5, is that the backpack material is fairly thin for something that is to hold a heavy rock pick and samples I would have expected something a bit more sturdy. Overall however it's a great kit.
Grandson Loves Rocks Review by
My 8 year old Grandson lives in Arizona. Every since he was a little guy he has picked up rocks and collected them. I got this for Xmas last year and he and his friends love to collect rocks. The tooles
Great product Review by
We have a six year old grandson who loves to collect rocks. I was very impressed by what was included in the kit and I am sure he will be delighted with it come Christmas morning. His parents will also be glad he has somewhere to store his treasures!
Wonderful Adult Gift Review by
I purchased this gift for my husband who works out in the oil field. He loved the totability and size. Easy to grab and keeps well in a toolbox. Great gift even for a professional rockhound on-the-go!
Rock hound kit Review by
Bought this for our 7 year old for Christmas and he absolutely loved it!
Awsome Rock Hound Kit Review by
I Bought this Rock Hound Kit for my Grandson. He has collected rocks since he was 2 years old. He is now 8. I sent this kit to him and now all he talks about is being a Geologist. Thanks Home Science for helping me promote the encouragement for my grand children.
Great gift Review by
What a great gift for my 9-year old granddaughter. She loves to collect rocks and this is perfect for her. I can't wait for her birthday so I can give it to her.
Top Notch Review by
Great quality basic starter kit. My Grandaughter will enjoy it. I also loved the prompt and efficient handling and shipping of my order.
Daughter loves geology! Review by
I purchased this backpack as a gift/homeschool lab activity for my daughter. It's very well put together and has everything one would need to start out studying geology. One note - in order to use the mineral and rock test kit fully, you'll need to purchase some concentrated hydrochloric acid (HCl) separately and then dilute it down to use in the small squeeze bottle included in the kit so you can test for the presence of carbonates in your samples.
9yr. old son loves Rock Hound Backpack Review by
This back pack was an end of school present that my son loved. He saw the review and description of the item 5 months and had eagerly anticpated to the chance to own one. Since he received the back pack, he has used it every day to reference rocks he finds during his adventures. Highly recommend purchasing this item.
Rock Hound Backpack Review by
I ordered the rockhound backpack for my grandson and he really loves it. He's learning the names of various rocks and will be going on some rock hunting trips with his parents and uncle this summer.
This pack Rocks! Review by
This pack ranks at the top for all time best birthday gifts for my son. He loves it! He liked collecting rocks before, but this pack gave him the tools and desire to continue rock hounding - he's even started sketching in the book!
Great for Rock Hounds Review by
My son loves his rock hound backpack. He has taken it on several hikes looking for rocks to add to his collection. Well worth the price. Quality products in the pack.
Grandson ready to go Rock Hunting Review by
Purchased the Rock Hound's backpack kit for the Grandson. Quality product and everything that we expected. The grandson said he's ready to head into the hills and start looking for rocks.
Real Science Materials Kids Love Review by
Even our 14-year-old loves this package. This includes all the tools necessary for any basic geology expedition - and the quality is the same as what was in my college geology labs! It even comes with a pack to store everything, so "stuff" doesn't get left all over. No more borrowing parents' tools!
Another Quality Purchase Review by
We bought the Rock Hound's Backpack Kit to go along with our son's unit on Rocks and Minerals. We are pleased with the quality of all the products included. The kit includes everything that a student needs to go outside and put into practice what he has read about in the textbook. Thank you for helping us motivate our children to explore and discover the world.
My little Geologist! Review by
I bought this as a surprise gift for my nine years old son who lives and breathes geology. He had a list for me to pick up but when I saw this kit, it's a good starter kit and nowadays he does a little lecture/class for the whole family to know what each rock is and how he can test it with his tools. He loves it!!!!
My grandson likes it Review by
I had you drop ship the rock hound backpack to my grandson. At eight years old I fully expect his recent interest in geology to be limited to a few weeks but in the meantime his Daddy calls and tells us he wears it everywhere, has been exploring under the house, down by the creek and is reading about geodes. So far your product has been a hit. Who knows, he may be in the beginning stages of another Georgia gold rush.
An Official Rock Hound and ready to hunt! Review by
When we handed our 10 year old son a big, blue backpack for his birthday, he looked a little funny. My husband reassured him that this wasn't a school backpack. He took it and he slowly zipped it open. He screamed, "Is this for real?" when he zipped it open and pulled out the rock pick! His face lit up and he was probably happier at that moment than any other present we have ever bought for him, truly. He knew he had struck gold! Real tools! Real science, at last! His desire to experience real, hands on science is what brought us to this product. He can't learn enough about rocks, minerals/gems and fossils. He comes home with rocks in his pockets everyday! Now, that he is equipped and ready to identify the real thing we are going on an official Rock Hound hunting trip for Spring Break, thank you! The items were exactly what he had expected and we were thrilled that the box was delivered on the exact day we had requested. Glad I ordered a hand full of geodes too, they kept him busy for hours and he liked the surprises he found inside. I wish I had ordered the Rock Chisel too, I know we'll need it soon enough. You guys made a kid feel that his love of science was finally understood!
Rock Hound's Backpack Kit Review by
My 9-year-old son has been obsessed with rocks and trees ever since we went to visit his uncle this fall. We just opened our Christmas presents. It took him 45 minutes to get through the first 2 presents (the Rock Hound Backpack Kit and the Periodic Table with pictures). He is so excited. He is already planning all of the places he wants to go and sketch and dig out rocks. The quality of what we recieved looks great, and absolutely age appropriate with some adult supervision (there is, after all, a rock pick). Everything arrived right on time, and nothing was broken. I definetely got exactly what the pictures and the descriptions stated I would recieve. I am thrilled with what I was able to purchase for him, especially considering how reasonably priced your items were compared to other sites. The backpack kits are a great idea.
My 10yo loved this product! Review by
My son is 10 1/2 years old and he loves this backpack. It was his favorite Christmas present this year.
Exciting Science Gift, Great Value Review by
My grandson loves his Rock Hound's Backpack. The backpack is just the right size, with the tools he needs to identify rocks. I really liked having the eye goggles for safety along with the rock hammer. I combined this gift with some geodes and "mystery rocks" to provide him with many hours of educational fun.
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