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    Science for PreK-2

    elementary science for kidsPreschoolers and kids in the early elementary grades have a lot of natural curiosity about the world! You can develop their observation skills and help them answer "why?" while they learn basic science concepts with books & kits designed for kids ages 4-8. Don't wait to introduce preschool-age children to hands-on learning!

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    • Uncle Milton - Star Theater Home Planetarium
      $30.95 in_stock
      Learn about the wonders of our galaxy as you explore the night sky wit ... more
    • Foam Ball Blaster
      $16.95 in_stock
      An air powered foam ball blaster for experimenting with velocity.
    • Light-Up Ant Farm Gel Colony
      $24.95 in_stock
      With this kit, you can watch ants up close as they chew their way thro ... more
    • Berean Builder In the Beginning Science Kit
      $40.95 in_stock
      Berean Builders' Science in the Beginning complete lab kit.
    • Honey Bee Life Cycle Set
      $49.95 in_stock
      Real, preserved specimens in resin teach kids about the honey bee life ... more
    • Xenopus Tadpoles, live
      $42.95 in_stock
      Observe frog metamorphosis up close with Xenopus tadpoles, which have ... more
    • Insect Lore Live Butterfly Pavilion
      $39.95 in_stock
      Experience the butterfly life cycle with this 23"-tall, child-and-inse ... more
    • My First Magnet Kit
      $15.95 in_stock
      Young students will have fun experimenting with different magnets and ... more

    Grid List

    Items 1-32 of 65

    per page
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    2. 2
    3. 3