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Science Kits

Science Kits

Get everything you need to explore your favorite subject, all in one organized kit. Choose a kit for your age, hobby, discipline, or advanced activity and bring learning to life! There is no better way to engage kids interested in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math) than with hands-on experiments.

Anatomy and Physiology Kits Medical Science Kits and devices help prepare high school, pre-med, and medical students help for healthcare and applied sciences careers. Shop Now >>
Biology and Nature Kits Browse engaging science kits that cover topics like insect collecting, the human body, bacteria experiments, plant growth, pond & soil testing, tadpoles... Shop Now >>
Chemistry Kits Measure and mix, sometimes heat, watch the colors change and reactions go! Complete chemistry kits are available for all ages from elementary to adult. Shop Now >>
Dissection Kits These dissection kits have the preserved specimens, tools, and complete instructions. The only thing missing is a curious mind ready to learn! Shop Now >>
Earth and Space Kits Learn about earth science and astronomy with these hands-on experiment kits! Make a model of the solar system, test the hardness of rocks & minerals, investigate weather... Shop Now >>
Engineering Kits How does it work and why? Inquisitive kids, young and old, will find the answers as they build, test, and then improve structures and machines of all types. Shop Now >>
Environmental Kits Learn about acid rain, cleaning up oil spills ,and more, with environmental science kits that offer kids practical applications of scientific concepts in the real world. Shop Now >>
Forensic Science Kits Study forensic science and crime scene investigation as you dust and fume for fingerprints, practice simulated forensic blood typing, and more... Shop Now >>
General Science Kits Find helpful general science books and kits, including a science dictionary and encyclopedia, and activity and experiment guides that are great for doing with your kids. Hands-on experiments... Shop Now >>
Home Science Kits Do science at home with these kits that cover a wide range of science topics. Shop Now >>
Kitchen Science Kits Cook up fun with kitchen science and play with your food! Study the content of foods or make your own with fun kitchen science kits... Shop Now >>
Physics Kits Explore magnetism, light & optics, energy, force & motion, rocketry, simple machines, kitchen experiments, and other science topics with the activities in these hands-on kits... Shop Now >>
Science Fair Kits Select a ready-to-go, DIY science fair kit! Each kit comes with the materials you’ll need and step-by-step instructions to complete the experiment. Shop Now >>
STEM Kits Kids can build, tinker, experiment, and explore STEM studies with these top-rated science kits. Shop Now >>
Technology and Electronics Kits Kids will have fun exploring electricity and technology concepts with these hands-on science kits: put together a robot, build a motor or engine model, learn about solar power... Shop Now >>

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