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    Tech and Electronics Kits

    Explore electronics and technology with all kinds of hands-on kits for kids and adults. Think arduinos or robots or soldering sound intriguing, but you’re not sure where to start? Make it easy to see these electric concepts in action with hands-on kits. You can put together a robot, build a motor or engine model, raise your hair with static electricity, study fuel cells, spin wind turbines, shine some solar power, run a clock with just water, and more! These kits are also great gifts for the technology-minded kid.

    For related activities, check out our physical science projects.

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    • Electricity Essentials Equipment Kit
      MSRP $43.95
      $39.95 You save 9% in_stock
      This electricity essentials kit contains the foundational equipment to ... more
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      SumoBot Robot Kit

      ON SALE $154.95

      Special Price: $131.70 You save 15%

      The SumoBot is an advanced programmable robot kit that uses electronic ... more
    • H-Racer 2 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car
      $140.95 in_stock
      A really cool way to show how hydrogen-powered cars work.
    • SAVE
      MOSS Zombonitron 1600

      ON SALE $199.95

      Special Price: $169.95 You save 15%

      Exploring robotics is wonderfully easy thanks to the MOSS Zombonitron ... more
    • Thames & Kosmos Wind Power 2.0
      MSRP $49.95
      $44.90 You save 10% in_stock
      Learn about wind power and electronics with this kit from Thames and K ... more
    • littleBits Base Kit
      $106.95 in_stock
      littleBits is revolutionizing learning the application of electronics ... more
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      MOSS Exofabulatronixx 5200

      ON SALE $599.95

      Special Price: $509.95 You save 15%

      MOSS is an intuitive, fun robot construction system from Modular Robot ... more
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      Recon 6.0 Programmable Rover

      ON SALE $75.50

      Special Price: $60.40 You save 20%

      Introduce young kids to robotics with this award-winning rover from Sm ... more
    • Cubelets Twelve Kit
      $329.95 in_stock
      This kit has a great mix of "Think", "Sense", and "Action" cubelets, p ... more
    • MudWatt Science Fair Pack
      $81.95 in_stock
      Make a battery out of mud! While forming hypothesis and testing them, ... more
    • 4M Green Science Dynamo Torch
      $13.95 in_stock
      Use the Dynamo Torch to build a hand-powered, emergency flashlight tha ... more
    • 4M Tin Can Robot
      $16.95 in_stock
      The Tin Can Robot is a great introduction to robots and mechanics for ... more
    • DuinoKit Essentials - Arduino Based Prototyping & Accessory Kit
      $261.95 in_stock
      The DuinoKit is an Arduino-based electronics and programming STEM kit ... more
    • SAVE
      T4 Transforming Solar Robot

      ON SALE $18.95

      Special Price: $16.10 You save 15%

      Kids learn about solar energy while building the T4 Transforming Solar ... more
    • DuinoKit Jr. - Arduino Based Prototyping Kit
      $139.95 in_stock
      Complete 20 top secret 'missions' to learn about electronics and progr ... more
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      IQ Key Perfect 600 STEM Kit

      ON SALE $89.95

      Special Price: $76.45 You save 15%

      The Perfect 600 Robotic STEM kit uses kids' natural curiosity and crea ... more
    • Jungle Robot Kit
      MSRP $41.95
      $37.95 You save 10% in_stock
      This unique Jungle robot can walk or climb.
    • Energy Conversion Kit
      $68.95 As low as: $62.06 in_stock
      This economical energy conversion kit lets you experiment with convers ... more
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      Smithsonian Motorworks Engine Kit

      ON SALE $39.95

      Special Price: $35.95 You save 10%

      Make a working internal combustion engine with this educational scienc ... more
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      4M Enviro-Battery

      ON SALE $13.95

      Special Price: $11.85 You save 15%

      With this kit you can make a battery from a potato, lemon, water, coin ... more

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    Items 1-32 of 46

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