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Tech & Electronics Kits

Kids will have fun exploring electricity and technology concepts with these hands-on science kits: put together a robot, build a motor or engine model, raise your hair with static electricity, study fuel cells, wind turbines, and solar power, run a clock with just water, and more! These kits are great gifts for the technology-minded kid.

For related activities, check out our physical science projects.

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  • Snap Circuits 300 Kit
    $56.95 in_stock
    This deluxe Snap Circuits kit has over 60 snap-together components tha ... more
  • PicoTurbine SKY-Z AC Limitless Advanced AC Wind Turbine
    $142.95 in_stock
    This advanced wind turbine kit takes STEM studies to the next level by ... more
  • Cubelets Twelve Kit
    $329.95 in_stock
    This kit has a great mix of "Think", "Sense", and "Action" cubelets, ... more
  • MudWatt Science Fair Pack
    $81.95 in_stock
    Make a battery out of mud! While forming hypothesis and testing them, ... more
  • 4M Green Science Dynamo Torch
    $13.95 in_stock
    Use the Dynamo Torch to build a hand-powered, emergency flashlight tha ... more
  • 4M Tin Can Robot
    $16.95 in_stock

    The Tin Can Robot is a great introduction to robots and mechanics f ... more

  • DuinoKit Essentials - Arduino Based Prototyping & Accessory Kit
    $261.95 in_stock

    The DuinoKit is an Arduino-based electronics and programming STEM k ... more

  • T4 Transforming Solar Robot
    $18.95 in_stock

    Kids learn about solar energy while building the T4 Transforming So ... more

  • Nanotechnology Experiment Kit
    $112.40 in_stock
    The Thames & Kosmos Nanotechnology Experiment Kit is an engaging intro ... more
  • SunBender Solar Lab 1.0
    $59.95 in_stock
    The DIY SolarLab 1.0 kit is a great way to explore solar energy and ci ... more
  • IQ Key Perfect 600 STEM Kit
    $89.95 in_stock
    The Perfect 600 Robotic STEM kit uses kids' natural curiosity and crea ... more
  • SumoBot Robot Kit
    $154.95 in_stock
    The SumoBot is an advanced programmable robot kit that uses electronic ... more

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Items 1-16 of 49

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