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Shortwave and Longwave Ultraviolet Lamp


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Quick Overview:
This economical shortwave ultraviolet fluorescent lamp now also includes a longwave ultraviolet LED lamp so you can experiment with both shortwave and longwave ultraviolet light.
Ages 10+
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Shortwave and Longwave Ultraviolet Lamp


This economical shortwave ultraviolet fluorescent lamp now also includes a longwave ultraviolet LED lamp so you can experiment with both shortwave and longwave ultraviolet light. Shortwave ultraviolet light is just the right wavelength to vibrantly illuminate many fluorescent minerals that you collect. Some minerals fluoresce, or glow, under shortwave ultraviolet light, others under longwave ultraviolet light, and others fluoresce differently under both!

This one economical, portable provides both shortwave and longwave light, making it a good investment for a rock collector. This lamp produces fluorescent shortwave light at 4 watts and 254nm wavelength and it produces LED longwave light at 375nm wavelength. You provide four AA batteries.

Note: UV light is the part of sun light that causes sunburns. Never look directly at UV bulbs. Wear UV filtering goggles or glasses if using this low-level ultraviolet light source for extended periods.

Quick Science Investigation: Are you wondering if your safety goggles, sunglasses, or regular glasses will help protect your eyes against low-level ultraviolet light like our battery-operated UV lights? Many of these types of glasses have lenses made out of polycarbonate, a natural low-level UV light filter. Test your goggles or glasses by first shining a UV (shortwave or longwave) light on a mineral or other object that fluoresces brightly. Then put the UV lamp inside the goggles or glasses and shine it on the same fluorescing object through the lens. What happens? The object will no longer fluoresce where the UV light has been filtered by polycarbonate lenses!

Customer Reviews

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Make the minerals more Beautiful! Review by
I bought one of these to see the Fluorite in the "Utah" Opalized Tiffany Stone. It workings great! I was showing the Fluorite to my father and he had no idea that a short wave UV light would pick it up. I ended up buying a second light for him!
Use of Shortwave UV lamp in mineral exploration! Review by
Usually i as a geologist had been working in the field of exploration for tin and tungsten minerals. For a tungsten mineral called "scheelite" (CaWO4) that fluorescence under shortwave UV light. Under sunlight the shortwave UV isn't strong enough to show any fluorescence so we used a blanket to cover ourselves under the sunlight and some scheelite grows or fluorescense. But normally we spent the night near the site we thought to be scheelite deposit and working during the night that scheelite grow and we just mark the area by red color spray the site shown fluorescence and came back to collect the samples during daytime may be with a blanket.
"Awesome" ... per my grandsons Review by
I had purchased some UV flashlights for my ten- and eleven-year-old grandsons in anticipation of touring the Sterling Hill Mining Museum in New Jersey. That part of New Jersey is often called the "fluorescent mineral capital of the world".

I was sorely disappointed when the flashlights were woefully inadquate to display the same flourescence as the museum's ultraviolet lights. After our tour, I did some reserach and realized my mistake. I then ordered one of these lights for their use.

They received the light yestereday and, after using it on their collected minerals, delcared, "Dear grandpa --
The lights are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool! We tried them out on the rocks in the basement, and they usually glow green, now the glow neon green, orange, and sometimes red. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much! They are awesome!
Does the job Review by
I purchased this UV Light to see the fluorescence of minerals. It does have the visible light filter, which makes it much more effective for viewing the minerals than the sanitizer UV-C light I had. With UV lights, the more power the light, the brighter the fluorescence will be. I can see all my minerals fluoresce (all three of them), but I wish the colors were brighter. I would have had to spend more, though, to get brighter light, so this one does the job for my purposes... which is showing the fluorescence of minerals to my students.
Great UV lamp Review by
Works really well. Allows to see the awesome colors of fluorescent minerals. Shortwave light takes some time to come on when using 1.2 volt rechargeable batteries. Regular alkalines work well.

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