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Shortwave and Longwave Ultraviolet Lamp


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Quick Overview:
This economical shortwave ultraviolet fluorescent lamp now also includes a longwave ultraviolet LED lamp so you can experiment with both shortwave and longwave ultraviolet light.
Ages 10+
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Shortwave and Longwave Ultraviolet Lamp


This economical shortwave ultraviolet fluorescent lamp now also includes a longwave ultraviolet LED lamp so you can experiment with both shortwave and longwave ultraviolet light. Shortwave ultraviolet light is just the right wavelength to vibrantly illuminate many fluorescent minerals that you collect. Some minerals fluoresce, or glow, under shortwave ultraviolet light, others under longwave ultraviolet light, and others fluoresce differently under both!

This one economical, portable provides both shortwave and longwave light, making it a good investment for a rock collector. This lamp produces fluorescent shortwave light at 4 watts and 254nm wavelength and it produces LED longwave light at 375nm wavelength. You provide four AA batteries.

Note: UV light is the part of sun light that causes sunburns. Never look directly at UV bulbs. Wear UV filtering goggles or glasses if using this low-level ultraviolet light source for extended periods.

Quick Science Investigation: Are you wondering if your safety goggles, sunglasses, or regular glasses will help protect your eyes against low-level ultraviolet light like our battery-operated UV lights? Many of these types of glasses have lenses made out of polycarbonate, a natural low-level UV light filter. Test your goggles or glasses by first shining a UV (shortwave or longwave) light on a mineral or other object that fluoresces brightly. Then put the UV lamp inside the goggles or glasses and shine it on the same fluorescing object through the lens. What happens? The object will no longer fluoresce where the UV light has been filtered by polycarbonate lenses!

Customer Reviews
Does the job Review by
I purchased this UV Light to see the fluorescence of minerals. It does have the visible light filter, which makes it much more effective for viewing the minerals than the sanitizer UV-C light I had. With UV lights, the more power the light, the brighter the fluorescence will be. I can see all my minerals fluoresce (all three of them), but I wish the colors were brighter. I would have had to spend more, though, to get brighter light, so this one does the job for my purposes... which is showing the fluorescence of minerals to my students.
Great UV lamp Review by
Works really well. Allows to see the awesome colors of fluorescent minerals. Shortwave light takes some time to come on when using 1.2 volt rechargeable batteries. Regular alkalines work well.
Shortwave UV is Impressive for the Price Review by
The Longwave component of this UV lamp consists of a single LED bulb. The output is not impressive but it does the job if you are looking at fluorescent minerals in a dimly lit room. HST has a brighter version for $11.66 (Item# OP-BLUVLED). Considering the price, the shortwave UV light is indeed impressive. At close range (1-3 inches) it stands up against my 13 watt UV lamp which cost $150. The difference, of course, is for demonstration purposes the 13 watt lamp will illuminate a larger area at a greater distance. Otherwise, this portable lamp is more than adequate.
OK for at the office Review by
I was hoping to use this lamp in the field, but the power is too low for sunny days (even under a shade). Works very well in a dark room or lab. Like that it has both short and long UV. Do not like the switch, it moves too easily and can turn itself on/off in a bag.
Excellent Light Review by
I purchased this uv light to see Tagging on Stamps. It works very well and I would recommend to other Stamp Collectors. It is reasonably priced, light weight and easy to check Stamps when making private purchases and you need to make sure Tagging is there.
low power Review by
Light does work but you have to be very close, 1" or less to mineral to see any flourescence in a dark room. I don't have any prior experience with short wave uv lights to know for sure but this would seem underpowered.

HST ADDS: Results will depend on the mineral sample. Often you can hold the light much farther away and still see a glow, but some minerals have less bright fluorescence.
SW Lamp Shines Review by
As an amateur prospector on a budget, I was looking for an inexpensive shortwave UV lamp. There are plenty of inexpensive longwave UV lamps, but they won't work on 80 to 90% of the interesting flourescent minerals. The gamut of shortwave UV lamps are quite pricey at an average of $60. This little lamp fulfills the need without bankrupting your wallet or hurting your back. When hiking, there's an old saying that every ounce feels like a pound after the first mile. At 6.6 oz. (187.1 g) loaded with 4 AA batteries, this lamp is truly lightweight. If there's a drawback, you will need shade in order to see if the lamp is making a sample glow while outdoors in sunshine. The regular light (Torch) is a good feature for general use. This shortwave UV lamp has found a home in my prospector's backpack.
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