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Spectroscope Analysis Kit

Item# OP-KIT01

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Quick Overview:
Explore the science of spectroscopy as you watch elements burn with brightly-colored flames, each each producing a unique light spectrum.
Ages 12+

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Spectroscope Analysis Kit

Item# OP-KIT01

Explore the science of spectroscopy as you watch elements burn with brightly-colored flames, each producing a unique light spectrum! Scientists use spectroscopy to determine what elements are present in stars, among other things. With this kit you'll be able to observe the wide variety of light spectra produced from different elements, and even find out what elements are used in your neighborhood street lights.

Kit includes a quantitative spectroscope, a study guide with data sheets and review questions, wooden splints, and four different chloride salts: calcium, potassium, strontium and lithium. 

This might help you come up with a good science fair project: How could you demonstrate how astronomers use spectroscope technology to identify the composition of stars?

Customer Reviews
Hard to use Review by
Unlike other reviewers of this item, my group of homeschool high school chemistry students had a hard time using the spectroscope to determine the identity of each of the salts included in the kit. As an added challenge, I had asked them to identify the different salts based on their spectrum. It didn't work out! Burning the salts was a hit, but using the spectroscope to identify them was a dud.
THanks! Review by
This item was accidentally included in our order and Home Science Tools let us keep it! Thanks so much! We are looking forward to using it.
Experimenting with fireworks! Review by
We LOVED this kit. The spectoscope was of much higher quality than those I've used in the past, making it much easier for the students to discover conclusions on their own. My son commented, "I think this must be how firework manufacturers figure out how to make different colored fireworks." Who knows whether his casual observations was correct or not, but I loved the fact that this activity stimulated his thinking toward real-life applications of the science we are learning. As always, the quality of materials from Home Science Tools is well above average. Thank you!
Spectroscope Analysis Kit Review by
I teach a high school chemistry course for homeschoolers and we really liked these for adding insight to our flame tests of chloride salts. They were easy to use for students and durable enough for energetic boys.
Great for Astronomy Study Too Review by
We bought this set after attending an astronomy lecture about how spectroscopy is used to study the makeup of stars. Using the kit provided a solid understanding of how spectroscopy works. In addition to using the scope to view the burning salts, we also used it to look at our incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs and to identify the two types of street lamps used in our neighborhood (mercury vapor and sodium vapor).
Spectroscope Analysis Kit Review by
My daughter, a science enthusiast, just adored using this kit to gain information about the light spectrum. She was really impressed with the part of the experiment that required the burning of the different compounds (her father obviously watched over her). The experiments went quickly and easily. Also, she enjoyed looking through the spectroscope to separate the light into bands.
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